DJ IZ: What Is Work Ethic and Why It Matters

Teaching work ethic is I know for me personally is something I don’t wanna teach. The person that desires or has an aspiration or a goal, a dream I think shows up, and that showing up comes with your ability to have a true appetite for what it is you love and ultimately do. And work ethic is just…it’s something that not everybody has and those that do have it, those tend to be the ones that continue to push forward.

I think in my experience of working with people whether you were entry level or established, work ethic is the one component that always stands out to me. It’s that person that’s there before I get there, it’s that person that’s up the wee hours working on stuff for me. And to me, that says a lot. Work ethic just goes such a long way and I would rather work with somebody who has a serious drive in work ethic than the most talented person in the world.

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