DJ IZ: The Real World Answer Isn’t Always the Same As What You Learned in School

Interviewer: In a way, it sounds like what you’re saying is that, to go there could actually hurt you.

DJ IZ: Yeah, because it’s like, some people don’t know how to get out of that gear. For instance, perfect scenario. I was in this session on time with a producer who has a story and because the engineer came from that traditional way of working and applying his knowledge because he came from an institution, we’re then working on this song and the engineer decides to say, “That’s not the right key. It needs to be something else”. You know, it feels good. He began to challenge the producer.

At the end of the day, I don’t care how much information and knowledge you got from educational aspects in the creative role. What feels good, feels good, and usually what feels good wins. It’s very hard to detach yourself from those things because it’s been chiseled in you. Those are the hiccups you run into with the person that brings that traditional educational experience in creativity to the table. When I bring on people, I’ve had to tell them, “Okay, let me get a feel for your background. What have you done?” You’re not validated by the college you came from, you’re validated by the records you’ve been on, the work you’ve done, the sessions you’ve recorded, the drums you’ve miked. That’s what validates you.

Interviewer: Was that engineer not…

Interviewee: Told me to go home. The producer said, “Your day is done.” It’s interesting, not even so much a respect level, but it’s like, in those environments…school couldn’t teach you that, right? School isn’t gonna teach you when to keep your mouth shut, but guess what, a producer who’s probably had over a hundred number one hits is gonna say, “Okay, your day is over. You can go home”.

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