DJ IZ: The Importance of Experience and Connections

A classroom can’t be made into real life and you can’t get a real life experience from a classroom because the engagement, the aggravation is a whole different process.

Now, if I call you up tomorrow and you’re an aspiring engineer, and I say, “Hey, just come sit in on this session. Just get a feel for the vibe and how things get communicated in a creative environment. Just be a follower.” I guarantee you, you will learn more in that one day than you will in two weeks of school. It’s just a different application. It’s a different experience.

And, whether it’s film or music it’s just one of those things where, to me, your hours on the clock already start if you’re in the room. It’s not being in a classroom, man. I’m in need of an engineer. You can’t just fake that. “I can handle this job and I graduated from this.” No. It doesn’t work.

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