DJ IZ: The Concept of Apprenticing

When I look at the Recording Connection Film Connection, what gets me the most excited about how we introduce the real world experience is that one, you’re with a highly qualified mentor. Two, your classroom is the actual studio, the actual film set, the actual radio room. And you’re learning the workflow that exists now. You’re learning the work habits that exist now. And to me, that’s where the point of contact is truly made, and that’s where your experience is really gathered because these are real environments, this is real-time, this is a real song that needs to be recorded, these are real drums that need to be miked for quality, tone purposes.

You’re on a set working with real directors, real actors. And you pick up so much fast, you absorb so much information. And the Recording Connection is making that experience available. And you ask a kid, who’s maybe attending a traditional educational institution, and they’ll tell you, they’d much rather be in their environments really doing it. And that’s something that the Recording Connection Film Connection makes possible.



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