DJ IZ: How To Find Career Opportunities in the Music Business

I think for me, if a parent came to me and wanted to get my opinion on best career path suitable for the kid, I would ask them a couple of questions in regards to helping me understand one, the appetite that this kid has for it. Two, the history of talent that may apply to what this kid loves. And then I would kinda go from there. I’m from the school of loving it so much that nobody had to tell me to practice. I just naturally do it because I love it. I’m from the school of putting in the work to become great at my craft. And those things, even in my world, I like to look at when somebody comes to me for advice. Because you have to be proactive. And one of the things my dad used to instill in us was that, whatever it is you decide to be great at be great at it because there’s somebody who’s working harder than you.

And I think when parents go to help them with these decisions you have to be able to understand, truly, where your kid is at with their commitment and their sacrifice. And a lot of these kids kinda get set up for failure because they were pushed in something that they didn’t have a history of really putting all their work into it. And I think when you’re able to look at those things, it really lets you then decide, “Okay, well she’s great at this or he’s great at this, this is what he’s been like. Ever since he was a kid he used to always tap on the desk and we knew he’d be a drummer,” or those sort of things. I think those are the key things that even as a parent, because I’m a parent, that I would look to try to flush out before I then decide.

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