DJ IZ: How Our Schools Choose Who They Accept

One of the cool things about how they choose a student or how they engage a student to attend their institution is really unconventional, you know, the mentoring process on how they kind of put you through this kind of pre-introduction experience, where the mentor then is able to analyze what you’re really good at, and at the end of it, help you choose a career path suitable to your actual skill. Like I say, you know, not everybody’s going to be an incredible pianist, not everybody’s going to be an incredible cinematographer, not everybody’s going to be an outstanding guitar player, but there’s other things that you will find that you can still pursue, that’ll keep you very much connected to your core passion.

And I think our mentors, because they’re highly skilled, highly successful at what they do, they can pretty much spend time with a student and, at the end of it, quickly help you, and guide you, and gear a career path that complements what you’re great at. Because some of these folks who go to these places and go through this system, come out not really being great at it and not get a gig, but now they’ve got to pay this money back, and you’re kind of in a bind because you’re not doing what you went to school for and you’re having to pay this money back.

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