DJ IZ: Audio Engineering Trade School Reality

Interviewer: Do you think regular, traditional college for careers in the entertainment business; is that a misallocation of a capital?

DJ IZ: I believe the core fundamentals of those particular career paths are vital and can be found through the college process. However, in the real world, which we call the studio, the set, when you get in it’s almost like they want you to unlearn everything you’ve learned because it’s one of those things where you have to truly experience it, be in the midst of it while it’s going on. Whether it’s knowing how to be a fly on the wall. Whether it’s working with somebody who has a specific remedy for what they’re creating. And what you’ll find is education can taint that experience of you being able to just get in there and go.

Now doctor, lawyer, that’s a whole different kind of thing. Whole different kind of practice. But the true experience really comes from the real environment. You’re not gonna learn the certain things you’re gonna need to learn or know from a classroom in that aspect. College can’t teach you that. It’s like a musician, right? Now, I can sit with a string player, hand them a chart and they can fly. But when I pull that chart, and you say, “Hey, let’s just create. Let’s just make music.” Nine times out of ten they will be lost. And that’s kind of the scenarios when it comes to somebody who’s looking to create a piece and needs your service and needs you to be on the board. Needs you to be on the camera with that right. It’s just different, and those kind of things you can’t really acquire from an institution traditionally.

Now the fundamentals, structure, business, mindset, the necessary gears, and components to make the other side of that career take place which is the business aspect, absolutely. But outside of that, when we’re talking creative, in my past dealings in just being in this business it’s garbage that I recommend you throw away.

Interviewer: Garbage meaning the traditional method of education?

DJ IZ: Traditional method.

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