About Recording Connection Job Placement (Student Chris Bell)

I just got an email from my student advisor the other day that basically had a list of 20 or so websites that offer audio-related jobs that you can apply to in your region or other regions. So, going to these websites you might spend three, four hours or more, but that’s a small price to pay to be able to do more than Craigslist, to be able to apply to AV jobs in your area at a larger rate. But don’t discount Craigslist, I imagine, because I’ve actually gotten a few bites from Craigslist.

But I think that, Recording Connection supplying you with contact information – also my advisor did some cold calls for me. She requested four or so recording studios in the area that I would like to work at. So I did some research, some places I’ve recorded at before. Some that I’ve seen and known are really reputable and really nice. She actually did some cold calls for me and promoted me to them.

That’s another thing that The Recording Connection does for all of its graduates, and that’s something, I think, that is good marketing strategy for the people in there, and trying to get people to attend the schools. To say, “Hey, well once you graduate we will contact others in the industry letting you know that we have graduates that are good, and if you’re looking for help, hey, here’s this guy or this girl and she’s awesome and she graduated with these credits.”

So, definitely the promotion from the school to people in the industry and businesses in the industry, supplying us with information, links to sites that might be hiring, things like that are incredibly helpful. Because, I think, having somebody from a school contact you and basically speak on behalf of a student is a lot more reliable and a lot more intriguing, I think, to a business owner, than just some kid cold calling and saying,
“Hey, I’m an audio engineer. I’d like to work at your studio.” They might not even listen to the entire message before deleting it. But having a recording education facility actually call a place and say, “Hey, I’ve got this student who graduated recently. He’s really awesome,” and promoting them to the studio is a huge help, and it’s just really great.

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