About My Home Recording Studio (Student Nathan Lanzino)

It’s very casual in my studio. I’d say that’s also a big part of it. It’s pretty homey. Since it’s not so huge, it’s pretty small and it’s less intimidating than some studios.

People that haven’t come to studios before are slightly intimidated by the big room with all the expensive microphones around. But my studio, it still has the expensive microphones, don’t get me wrong. But it’s just very homey and my recording style, like I said, it’s – my opinions are very much so in the whole production of the whole thing. But it’s not forced in there and if they want me to be a little more honest in their stuff then will be. But I’m not going to be as forceful sometimes, as aggressive I guess, as other producers. I’m a little more laid back, I’d say, than others.

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