A Normal Day At The Recording Connection (Student Chris Bell)

Well, a normal day at the studio would pretty much involve me coming in, maybe, probably an hour before the client or the night before. We would set up everything. I would start by finding out what the client would need. “Okay, you’re running drums. You’re bass, guitar,” your standard instruments. So they would come in and we’d bring all the gear in. We’d set up the drum set. We’d start putting mics on it. I would place the mics in such a way to get isolation from each other drum, and log on my track sheet, “Kick drum goes to this preamp to input one.” Once everything was set in the studio with the drums, I would then route it in the control room from the patch bay into its proper input, get the session up and running, arm all my inputs, and make sure that I was getting signal from everything.

Then I would get the bass player going. Usually he would run through an amp mic, and then a direct signal straight to the board. Once we would have audio coming in from all those things, we would have them probably either run through a song or just do some sound checks, just to get good levels going. Once that was set – and usually this takes probably a good, 30 or so hours, depending on the complexity of what they want to do – we would start running through some stuff.

Usually they would request to have a scratch rhythm guitar and a scratch vocal, so we would also maybe take the guitar player and vocalist and throw them in the vocal booth or in the control room, and just run them direct, just a scratch track to help keep the bass and drummer – to know where they are as far as changes go, and just run through a song.

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