Recording Connection Introduction

Look you’ve got dreams. We get that. You’ve got big dreams for you and your music, totally understandable. You want to take over the local music scene and then the world, and you will not take no for an answer. Look, it’s time to stop dreaming and start doing, right here, right now.

The Recording Connection, it’s you inside the music business. We put you in front of legendary engineers, famous music producers, and artists. And the reason for that is so you can work here, or here or here, or you can perform here, or here, or even here. The Recording Connection does not do classrooms. We don’t do debt. We don’t teach you how to be a student because that stuff just doesn’t work. It’ll never get you a job. Instead, we train you to be a professional. With us, you learn from music legends, acclaimed engineers, producers, and music business heavyweights. With us, you learn by doing on-the-job training inside a major recording studio or top music production room.

What we do is called externing and everyone who’s ever made it knows this is the only way to break into the industry. This is why we’re the only school that’s endorsed by the biggest names in the music business. We’ll develop you as an artist, music producer, or audio engineer, and we will take your dreams to the next step. The professionals who make the music you listen to, endorse us because they know the way we do it works and that means it will work for you. Whether you want to be an artist, producer, or both, we are the only school that’ll bust you in the door and get you inside the rooms you need to be in. We are the Recording Connection. We can and we will, jump start your career like no other school.

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Recording Connection provides affordable, unique education models coupled with mentor-based (externship) programs that can be engaged remotely or in person.

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