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Real Testimonials – Transcripts 14

Edgar - Student
“For me personally it was way better than I thought. I didn’t expect this much as I have learned and as much as I have gotten from this program. Definitely I have met people, I have learned from them. I definitely am better for the program.”


Doug Maxwell - Mentor“I am Doug Maxwell and I am proud to be associated with the Recording Connection. I was speaking to you in my capacity here as the Executive Director of a brand new foundation called the The Visionary Media Group. We are part of National Industries for the Blind and they arte the largest organization in America that assists blind people. What our organization is unique in doing is we are here to help blind composers, musicians, vocalists, voice over talent, and audio professionals find work and integrate their talents into any area that can provide opportunities for them in the music industry, the recording industry, the film, radio, television, and what more perfect connection and to be of course associated with the Recording Connection. If you are watching this video I would assume that you are blind. But I would ask for your help in that if you know any blind composers, musicians, vocalists or audio professionals that need a leg up, that need some assistance getting involved in an industry that they love please refer them to the Visionary Media Group in New York or speak to some one at Recording Connection because it would be our pleasure to help them.”


Josquin Des Pres - Mentor“Some of the things Recording Connection students learn through me are a little bit more the way music  is put together nowadays, which is extremely different 3 years ago, 5 years ago. The use of Pro Tools and the use of loops, the use of assembling music as collage rather than always recording it. Originally you would record everything and you had a song, nowadays it’s an assembly of pieces with some live recording involved. So its mush wider and there s a lot more to learn. Unfortunately I feel that in a lot of the schools they are still working with varial school engineers that will teach the way music was recorded 10 to 15 years ago. And they do teach Pro Tools but they don’t match the two together the way we do it at least here at Track Star.”


Donny Baker - Mentor“Recording Connection program is a course, it’s a book, and it’s a guideline if you will. There are tests, there are questions and answers, but it’s a guideline. It’s something that we use to go from point A to point Z if you will and we can take the student who knows nothing about recording or doesn’t know much about computers and we can make that person an engineer because of the one on one mentoring. The hanging out just me and the guy just hanging out and me and the student are just talking and learning. It’s the one on one. It’s the what you call it, the personal attention that we give and the program itself is just a guideline. It’s only that. We kind of find out where the student wants to go. Say the student wants to be a producer; we will push the student in that direction. Say the student wants to be a post production guy; we will push him in that direction. That’s where we go with it. We find where their strengths and weaknesses are and we help with the weaknesses and we push them to their strengths. And that’s what we do because its so real world and one on one, we can do that. We can afford to do that. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to see that student grow in the area that they want to grow in.”

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