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Real Testimonials – Transcripts 13

Dana Fergueson - Student“Learning from somebody who has been in the business for at least 20 years, I know of that. He is able to give me advice that I wouldn’t know off of somebody who would taught me may be at a school or something, who are professors. This guy, he actually in real life situations, he is using stuff that I can learn. Tricks that you pick up, way you *** things. You learn the signal flow, signal flows is incredibly important. That’s where it comes and you have to know where your line level is going from the microphone to the system to the speakers and everything in between. You have to know how to hook it all up and then you have to know how to work it. And here Donny taught me all that, he has taught me how to place microphones, I have learnt how to mike drum sets, guitar cabinets, distance miking and then also production sound too. Sound down in the movies. So I have recorded, let’s see 2 feature films and a good number of low budget productions.”


Doug Maxwell - Mentor“My name is Doug Maxwell and I am the founder of Media Right Productions here in New York. We have been in the recording and the music production creation business for about 25 years and it’s my pleasure to be a mentor with the Recording Connection. I have had more than a few colleagues in the industry that have worked with Recording Connection over the years, and have had nothing but positive things to say and it was time in my life when I wanted to give back to the upcoming generation of folks that want to be involved in the business that I love and that’s been great to me. And that’s how I got involved with Jimmy Bitula who I am talking with here about the Recording Connection. We primarily get involved in special markets although we have done albums for music for Gladys Knight, Judy Collins, John Osborne, Matoya Jackson, many, many diverse artists over our period of time in the business. We do a lot of music for Television and audio books and as I said always entrepreneuring into alternative markets. Places where music is valuable and enhances the experience of life. We are always pleased to create it, record it and produce it. I felt moved to really participate in Recording Connection after I must have been on the radar last year, getting about 10 people a week calling the studio wanting an internship here. They had graduated from other programs, spending from what they told me between $18,000 and $60,000 for an education and really felt that they had no experience in a national studio and no real understanding of the business and the industry and they were willing to work here for no money, just to get some of the experience. And something about that didn’t quite sound right. And I remember picking up the phone and speaking with you and I guess to summarize my thought on what you are doing, I think it’s the oldest idea in civilization. Basically if you wanted to learn a craft, if you were a blacksmith or a printer, you would find a master craftsman and you would work alongside them. So instead of being a blacksmith you want to be in the recording industry what better way to learn that than to extern with somebody who has been in that business. You can watch them do what they do and learn from their experience.”


Tommy Fugelsang - Student
“Well I have learned the value of old technology and new technology and its not just all about what’s high tech and what’s news. It’s learning about things that have gotten us to this point. Right now lesson 10 is analog tape and I can’t think of any studio any more that even has a tape machine. But to learn how this technology got us to where we are today that’s been extremely beneficial and just gives you that overall understanding. Other than that I would have to say just the different operations of different private studios, just the way they handled their client base, the way they handled their co workers.”


Josquin Des Pres - Mentor
“I recommend Recording Connection because the on the job training is priceless compared to learning out of a school. I think students will come out of the Recording Connection program much more prepared for the real world.”


Donny Baker - Mentor
“Definitely there is a difference between real world and real world deadlines and course curriculum deadlines. Pretty much any course you can kind of take your time and work on it. Make sure you are doing it right and the teachers are there to help you and if you make a mistake they back you up and show you where you made your mistake and continue on. Here if you are working with a client, that clients paid you money. That client expects the job done, right done, first done fast and done correctly the first time. They don’t want to have to come back and do it again for sure.”

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