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Real Testimonials – Transcripts 12

Joey Heier - Mentor“What I like about the recording Connection is the way that they take care of screening the applicants. They come to me and we sit down and have a chat. I find out a little basic history of what they may know about audio, whether it’s an awful lot or a little bit. I have had kids come to me from the SAE Institute. I have had kids come to me from Fulsao; wherever they came from they were coming to Joey because they want me to break it down and explain it. So I meet with them first basically to see that they are some one I want to spend time with for the next 6 to 8 months. I don’t ever tell them that this is something they need to do. I tell them if they do not want to be in involved in this type of education that’s okay.  I get it I totally understand. I only want students that want to be here. And hands down there are a lot of individuals that come to me and I feel as though may be its better that they wait for a couple of years. May be they learn to see what the business is about before we just go ahead and accept them.”


Doug Maxwell - Mentor“I think its great to have an option for people who have a sense that they want more practical and less theoretical. Its nice to have Recording Connection as an option where you can incorporate knowledge but in a working studio and be working alongside someone as I mentioned earlier in externship type of a position and I personally feel that that’s a great way to go. O got my start in the business not through a program like yours because I don’t think it existed when I started in 1986 but I was  taken under the wing of a very successful record producer Gary Klein who had done all the Barbara Streisand albums to that point. And he gave me a real opportunity and I think I even mentioned the story to you that the assistant engineer at the Hit factory force at that time Tim Lietner has risen up in his field to be the top engineer in Audio Post. And so a;; the people that truly love the business that are in it for the right persons seems  to ultimately rise up and get to  do the work that they were meant to do. And I think ultimately then get to a point when they want to give back just as they were given to when they needed to get their start and that certainly what brings me here and something what I think is thematic from what I understand from my colleagues like Steve Addabbo, like Otis Guy, like Tim Donovan that are in the business tat are becoming associated with what you are doing.”


Tommy Fugelsang - Student
“In terms of software we are learning Pro Tools of course and at industry standard. Every studio on earth probably has a pro tool setup and if you want to know how to record in a studio you are going to have to learn. We have also been able to focus on generative programs such as Reason, other DAW environments and the you learn how they all work together and ho you can  use multiple software environments like able to live digital performer. You name it Q Base you can learn how to integrate all these to make the sound environment that you want.”


Josquin Des Pres - Mentor“My name is Josquin Des Pres and I am a Recording Connection mentor and I am the owner of Track Studios in San Diego California. Some of my credits include being a staff writer for Warner Chapelle Publishing. I have written many songs with Bertie Topin who is Elton John’s lyricist. I have written music for film and television. I have written themes for CNN's Anderson Cooper.  Most recently, I have written books on the music industry distributed by Billboard Publications. And I am a bass player and I used to a do a lot of base recording sessions in the ‘80s. What I like about Recording Connection is the screening process. We a small recording facility, we cannot take many interns. So we really pick and choose who is going to be participating in the sessions here. We only pick people who we feel have the potential, the drive to succeed in this industry.”


Donny Baker - Mentor
“The most rewarding thing for me is to see the students coming in here and then progressing, learning doing stuff and because they are actually doing things. They are not actually reading a book and sit in a classroom. They are actually doing stuff. I mean I do this for a living. This is how I feed my family. This is what I do for a living. This is my studio. My clients come here and students are always involved in every aspect of studio business. And they learn studio business. They don’t learn just how to record, they learn studio business.”

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