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Real Testimonials – Transcripts 11

Donny Baker - Mentor
“For me and just to reiterate the fact that this is a passion, this is a life.  It’s not a job, its not a career, its not a something you do because you have to do. It’s something you do because you love it. This is something we do because this is what we do. This is our lives. This is our passion. I can’t say that enough. It’s relatively simple. It takes a special person to do this and those are the special people that come to see us. Those are the special people that come and hang out with us and we need you guys to come hang out with us. So bring it.”


Doug Maxwell - Mentor“I think the course curriculum is a good one and there is no substitute for actually getting in a studio and learning how that applies. But there is also no substitute for knowing the theoretical behind the equipment and I think it’s a very good combination. I view my role as not to be a lecturer and go over the curriculum. That’s responsibly for the student. I am here to clarify and demonstrate and bring that for the next level and show people how the theoretical applies and why it’s important. And I think especially in this day and age, in an age of plug ins when you realize that they are modeled after analog circuitry. And that’s why my studio is a combination of vintage equipment and also plug ins. So if you understand the theory of analog circuitry its going to make a lot more sense if you see a picture of a Nieve or a LA3 A compressor on the screen, you will understand how that was derived. And you will understand signal flow from analog console. It will make more sense in the digital world. So I think its very good thing, when you mention the second part of the question, Pro Tools and modern platforms for music production, there are a lot of choices in platforms. And I think that it can easily produce something that I call techno stress. And that is our brains capacity to remember all this information is limited and can go under a stressful type of feeling when you feel overwhelmed by information. And that’s an enemy of anybody who wants to be creative and that is the number one priority I think to be in this business. You want to be creative. So I think its very useful to study with somebody who is using the technology everyday and can help filter out what’s important to know, what’s not important to know. Direct you to tools that are useful, to minimize the chances of your brain being overloaded. I prefer to logic, there is someone that might prefer new , there is someone that likes pure mix, Pro Tools is clearly an industry standard. Today all platforms can communicate with one another. So cultivating in a student their own internal sense of what they like is very important and what better way to do that than to use the equipment and once you choose a platform you like and of course the economic sense makes sense to of course have Pro Tools integrated so you can maximize your participation.”


Phil Thomas - Student
“In any industry you have to be a self starter but more so in the music and entertainment business because the opportunities are everywhere. You just have to be well in the look for them and be willing to work hard for them. I feel like if you do have the self starter and the attitude that you really do want to learn and the go get them attitude. Like all the knowledge is right here. You have a person, is working in the industry and making all their money and doing their job and they are going to give you the opportunity to pick their brain, get any kind of knowledge that you want. So it’s like where else can you basically have a direct line to the guy that is making things happen.”


Sebastian Howe - Student“From day one when I was here as Doug explained with the whole how to keep your toys, how you keep your studio and everything wings together and we all start from scratch and build ourselves up from the top  and its, I sit in the big comfy leather couch and I sit and absorb everything and if I question, he will pull out a pen and a paper and he will draw it out crystal clear and everything will be explained into I don’t know the most sensible words I can make sense of And instead of just sitting in a classroom with 40 students raising their hand if they have a question, just a quick nod or something. It’s a lot more personal, it’s a lot more direct and it’s not spaced out at all. It’s very focused, very sedate. I will recommend Recording Connection simply because you are in it. I am in a real recording studio in New York City where real music is made, where everything is real there is no gimmicks, no tricks, no fake ort anything. And it’s straight up right in your face and its there. If you want to do it its right there for you everything. So that’s why I chose this.”

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