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Real Testimonials – Transcripts 10

Donny Baker - Mentor“You get those people who ask what your hours are? And I just say always. I am here, personally I love this business. I love what I do. I am one of the fortunate people on this planet to get to do what I love and I get paid. It’s amazing. It’s simply amazing. I am here 15 hour days every day but it doesn’t feel like that. You know what I mean. You don’t really notice that part of it. I don’t know if you are here 15 hours, sometimes my wife will call and say hey you coming how today? I have a sleeping bag here. I am here all the time and my students, they want to be here all the time and sometimes I have to push them out so I can go home and eat. That kind of thing but that’s what it is about man. Those are the people that make it. Those are the people that succeed. Those people that want this and if you want this its here. I am opening the door for you, all you have to do is come in and grab hold of it and get it. It’s all yours.”


Doug Maxwell - Mentor“My name is Doug Maxwell and I am the founder of Media Right Productions based in New York. We are a music production company that specializes in composing and producing music for films, the recording industry, audio books, alternative markets. We have worked with diversity of artists from the famous to the not famous over our 25 year history. And I ma very grateful to still be in this business that I love tremendously and I am even more grateful to be at a place in my career where I would like nothing more than to give back to the next generation of people that wants participate in this business, make a contribution to music which as we know contributes greatly to the well being of people and the world if it is done for the right reasons. I believe in what you and the Recording Connection are doing because it’s a direct relationship with somebody who has succeeded at doing what the future generation wants to attain. Someone that can give practical experience not in the text book but the actual day to day running in the music business and is eager to share that information with someone who will carry the torch forward. In my experience so far its been a real pleasure for me to give back and they learn from me on what my specialty is which is things that have proven their value in the industry from principles of good song construction, from Beethoven through the Beatles, to integrity in recording through analog and circuit design through innovations in digital technology. So I look forward to continue this association and meeting future people that are attracted to this most wondrous industry.”


Rachel Debaross - Student“As soon as I graduated I was looking for a great internship opportunity. I wet to an interview with Indre Recording Studios which is Philadelphia’s largest and premier recording studio. They handle all of the radio broadcasts for Y100 and all the local radio stations that bring the national acts to do their promos right before the concert. So it was really nice to be in the mix. You worked with a lot of different types of equipment from live sound to studio recordings to those bits they do on the radio, Hi this is Corn and we are here tonight and you got to do all those recordings backstage. So we were traveling all over the city doing these recordings.  So that was my first experience right out of the class. So it was wonderful but it’s a career where you have to be very aggressive, you have to go for things. Graduating the class no matter if you go to the 2 year program or the recording connection, going home and twirling your thumbs is not going to work. You have to really beat the streets and get your resume out and it always helps having that extra hands on experience because you find that they start putting you on more sessions because you work faster, because you are already used to it. You are used to working with sometimes very finicky clients and you are already used to it.  So it doesn’t affect you when you go into the work force. So that was a wonderful experience and from then studio manager position opened up and I was always very aggressive and so I got to do that for a while which was wonderful. I learned about publicity, press releases, marketing for studios and artists and this eventually led me to start my own company doing just that.”

What’s your company? Can you talk about that? What are you doing now?
“Sure. I have a media company which does everything from interactive websites for artists and other companies. I do work for publishing companies. All my gaming companies, professionally recorded pod casts so you don’t have these companies with a home recording, I mean they have professional pod cast and internet radio shows. I do sound effects for games and animation and also some film and doing sound for that.”

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