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Real Testimonials – Transcripts 09

Donny Baker - Mentor“I am having more of an input now in the curriculum than we had before. Before the program was awesome. The program ran perfectly, it ran really good. It was great for when the students come in and when they leave here they are engineers. Before I let them go they are engineers. Let me just put it that way. But the curriculum’s getting better because technology is constantly changing. In our business technology is always changing backwards. If that makes any sense. We are always trying to find the coolest, oldest, bc gear that still works and use that in our business. We still want to move forward with Digital and with Pro Tools and Digital performer and all these kind of programs that we use in our business. It’s very cool. We have to move forward and move backwards at the same time. And teaching these students and showing these students how all that happens and how all that works. Its great when we move things around and we sorter and we move wires, always have students involved in these kinds of things because this is the real world. This is what happens.”


Brian Levi - Mentor
“When I get back to the room I hear this guy yelling out "Brian" and it's Ike Donovan the drummer for Dwight Yoakam and he has got all his hair cut off. He is not punk anymore he is the country western guy and so I was at the right place at the right time and this is just when Dwight Yoakam was unknown and I cut his first record Guitars, Cadillacs etc.”


Chet Thompson - Mentor
“One of the great things that we offer here with our teachers is that they are actually working in the industry. So they will be working on a film or a recording project and they can take the student under their wing and show them what they are doing for a famous artist or for a movie production. And our teachers are very, very well connected within the industry. So students get to see some big name artist come in and they get to rub elbows with people in the industry and make friends and important contacts that they are going to go out and build relationships with once they graduate from Recording Connection course.”


Preston Smith - Student
“I saw the Recording Connection ad in one of the local newspapers or magazines or something. It’s been awhile, I forget and I called up the number and I thought the whole system was actually kind of iffy or sketchy because it was just a big tag of phone calls and answering machines and whatever but let me tell you its real. As soon as you walk into the studio for your meeting with an actual engineer or studio owner you know that it is real and you know that it’s going to work for you.”


Erik - Student
“Part of it is just getting the knowledge and its just doing it one on one, and instead of having to wait for other people to finish and like you are on a certain time, its like you need to do it with this one person and they are very knowledgeable and it just seems like its more likely someone to learn quicker that way rather than just waiting for 13, 14 other people that go through the same thing. So that’s one of the reasons why I thought this was like legitimate for me was just because it was one on one. I figured I could get real concrete details on everything, ins and outs of the business, just one on one with somebody and it worked out really well.”

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