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Real Testimonials – Transcripts 08

Phil Thomas - Student
“My name is Phil Thomas and I have been in the Recording Connection program for 2 weeks now. So this is like my future to the studio and so far the program has been great. I came in with a bit of a prior knowledge but I had always been making do with the equipment that I got my hands on and now I have a chance to come a step to the big boys and that’s why some of the things are more important to the study.”


Brian Levi - Mentor“I met Jimmy too about 5 or 6 years ago and started teaching for Recording Connection. He has got a great course. He uses the reference book of modern recording techniques which I studied with 25 years ago, with the first edition. We are not up to the 5th edition and the problem is the modern recording technique is not a training source. It’s very technical. What Jimmy has done is taken the information from there and made a course from beginning to end. So you will skip around different chapters for each test. And then with me teaching you, you can go from the beginning to the end of learning recording engineering and it’s an excellent course. The reference book is the best in the world and Jimmy has created excellent course of top to bottom. And you come to me and we put it all together here in this room and we record bands, we overed up bands ad we mix bands. And we just keep doing that till you get it. also what we had is you can intern here and you are either on a professional session that you get to relate to how a producer works with the artist and works with the engineer and if there isn’t a session in which I hope there always is but if there is not you get to Pro Tools and train and learn and play around.”


Chet Thompson - Mentor
“My name is Chet Thompson and I am the owner of Elephant Symphony Music and Post and we have enjoyed working with Recording Connection for 2 years now. We teach many students of all ages and ethnicities to become engineers in the music and post field. We have a staff of certified Pro Tools engineers and just to walk in to the studio and to see it thriving with all the musicians here learning with a hands on experience in a world class studio rather than in the classroom is quite a unique experience.”


Dana Fergueson - Student
“My original idea was coming in here and just working in music because I love music. That’s my passion, is music and I am not the greatest drummer. So I figured I had to just make it sound better. Then along with the music came the post production because you get into things and the post production definitely helps. It all helps with each other and you find a whole another career and I am starting to pursue more into post production now.”


Erik - Student
“I just went in the internet and  I was looking at the recording school in Los Angeles because I figured it was right in the heart of Los Angeles like why not but then I remembered like from what I did at my junior college like there is 12, 13 people in the class. And some of them aren’t really in it for the same reason I want to be in it. They just figured oh this is a good way for me to make albums right away. Like I just want to make albums right away, it’s like there is a lot of stuff that you need to learn before you just make albums, before you get involved. And so I just figured I rather be somewhere where I could just, I wish soemone could just teach me one on one and I stumbled across Recording Connection and I read the success stories. And I was like wow this seems pretty legit and it’s a lot cheaper than what those technical schools offer because I know actually a buddy of mine just went to  the recording school in LA and he is paying like between 18-20,000. And its already what I have, I mean I got a certificate at my Junior college for going to the audio program and its just that’s all they offer there too. It’s just a certificate.”

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