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Real Testimonials – Transcripts 07

Meredith Camry - Student“And one day when I was all down, I was reading the newspaper and I found this connection thing which I really think is a positive thing. It’s a lot of hands on training. It’s working with the owner of a recording studio, a well to do recording studio here in Denver. I am working with John Steinberg at Tune Studios. He is a great guy. He has 20.30 years in the business and he has got all the high tech, great experience, he has worked with big names, he has got a long list of the kind of people he has worked with. The program that I am doing its  basically a lot of good work first off, read chapters, answer questions at the end of each chapter, get through it. Go in once a week work with the owner. He explains it all to you does hands on, gives you another lesson. I've been doing the audio recording course for about 4 months now, and I really love it.”


Brian Levi - Mentor
“Jimmy of course is really great because he has made the book go from top to bottom. But the main thing is I am teaching it and I care. I have been doing this for 27 years and it was hard for me to get into the industry and I want to give back. So I care about the students, I am going to make sure that you learn it and on top of that my whole staff is from Jimmy’s course. And here is Preston Dabble he is my chief engineer, and he is from Jimmy’s course. And there are a couple of others hanging out over here but I hire from the course because I get to see who is learning it and who is not learning it.”


Phil Thomas - Student
“The biggest positive for me so far is because obviously I mean the beginning of the program being stages, is just the fact that how comfortable I feel here like Donny brought me in here and he is my mentor and I am his extern and its basically like a situation where you kind of have a brother and it's just like a big brother that kind of welcomes you into the studio and kinds of takes you around. He doesn’t really overwhelm you and grow stuff at you. He really takes time and makes sure that you know what you are doing, what you working with before you destroy something or make the best of it.”


Mark Lynch - Student“Hi I am Mark Lynch, I am 21 years old. I go to Recording Connections down here in Philadelphia and I am not even finished with the program yet and I already got a great job, good money, and I really enjoy it.  I heard about it through, I wanted to go to actually a real school and I came across your website the Recording Connection, and I just didn’t want to take all these other classes. I just wanted to focus on one thing and that’s what your program had and I liked it and  you hooked me up really quick and I liked how its stayed in Philly and I didn’t have to go anywhere. I like how its one on one, I like how we got to bring in our own band. So that’s fun, I mean.  Hands on stuff, that’s really exciting. Because a lot of stuff you don’t really take sometimes like when you are doing it, its not like how you catch on so quick, I love it. Actually have a band in here from Philly, his name’s Le Compe, he comes in here  like every Thursday and we do about 4 hours and he does a song and I record it for him and stuff. Joey one on one, it’s great. I mean he teaches you a lot like, you might think it’s so hard but he just breaks it down so easy so you understand it really good. And he is a great teacher.”


Tommy Fugelsang - Student
“I manage a bar at night and that gives me plenty of time to do my studies in the afternoon on my own and then to make my schedule and appointments to come to the studio and it really doesn’t feel like a educational curriculum. It really feels like you are hanging out. Like you are just picking up these things and you are making friends with people but when you go home at the end of the day like your knowledge has increased tenfold. And it’s just because you are doing these hands on things and you are doing them naturally and its just one of the best ways to learn.”

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