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Real Testimonials – Transcripts 06

Brett - Student
“For me I went around to different web sites, different stuff, checked out the big L.A. one. That was way too expensive plus it was actually at a set location.  Where here at Recording Connection you guys would actually find a place for us that was close proximity and that was a big plus. Also you get the hands on training from your instructor and you learn from a book and plus you get to sit in at actual sessions at your recording studio. So all those I figured can’t go wrong.”


Doug Maxwell - Mentor“The most important thing I believe is to understand the person and what’s important to them and what they like because under the umbrella of music industry there is so many different jobs and so many different things that you can do and so you obviously want to try to make somebody as aligned as you possible can with what they love and understand what they are about. So the way the process starts with Recording Connection is you O’Brian calls the mentor, me and says I have somebody who I think is appropriate for your particular skill set and what you do. Would you like to meet them? So the answer here is yes Sebastian came in to my studio and I asked what he likes. What he wants to do. And his answer first off was I love the recording studio and I love building recording studios and I am building one with my dad. I said this is your lucky day because my studio builder Joe Selvado who has built a own giant recording, just renovated sound on sound, he just built Fiddy Cent's Studio on 23rd Street was coming over to my studio. I said Sebastian hang on, I called Joe. Joe I have somebody here. Do you need an intern this summer? He goes as a matter of fact I do. Sebastian has been working for Joe building the top studios in New York for the last 2 months getting paid for it and he is coming here to learn I guess the next phase, is what do you do in those great studios. So that’s how quickly it can happen and  that’s how naturally it can happen when you find out what’s important to the person and pair them with the right opportunity and obviously when you start with someone who is wanting to give back for the right reasons.”


Sebastian Howe - Student“The first day of the interview I came in and we were like I could use a job. Do you know anything I could do o the side besides this Recording Connection? And Doug is talking about a guy called Joe Selvado who builds recording studios for every one in New York. And literally as we are talking about it I think Joe calls us on the phone and Doug’s like can you come and meet Sebastian? And he is like yeah I got to swing by and pick up a tool anyway. So.  He comes up and I meet Joe first hand and I send him an email after he leaves and when I got home and we talk and I go meet up with him in Martha Stewart’s studio right by Madison Square Garden and boom first day I came, I work. I worked here already so gimmicks he just said yeah I will start paying you when you learn the necessary skills. I am in studios, I am learning about more parts. I am learning more about the other side of it that people might not even know and the patch pays and the linking of the wires. Just a lot more in depth than actual; recording procedures and I have see so many studios already it’s really overwhelming and they are great. Joe, he is a great guy and yeah he gave me work the first day.”


Chet Thompson - Mentor“That’s what we really liked when we talked with Jimmy at Recording Connection because they wanted a place where students could really learn how to record music and post in real time with real working professionals in a real studio. In a classroom it’s somewhat sterile, it’s more of a vacuum and let’s face it, music in post production is not a vacuum. This is like things get messy. When you record you are dealing with equipment breakdown, failure artist attitudes and the students learn hands on.  When they come here they are working with artists almost from the first session. So it’s quite a unique experience.”


Tommy Fugelsang - Student
“To get your assignments, you have to meet one on one, you have to do your studies, you are graded and you are tested on your competence in the studio and that is all very important. One thing I will have to say is that you really need to be motivated to do this yourself though because it is flexible and open and it will work with your day job and your night job.”

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