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Real Testimonials – Transcripts 05

Donny Baker - Mentor“Recording Connection gives them the knowledge and the experience that’s what is going to get you work. You can read all the books you want, you can take all the tests you want until you reach over here and you touch the stuff. It’s now working for you. I don’t care who you are. Until you reach over here and grab hold of a fater and pull it down and you client goes yeah!  Then that’s where it’s at. This experience is going to get you work. Most of the students that have come through my studio and I have mentored work in this business, they don’t go out and go find something else to do.  They don’t go home and watch TV, they are excited. I mean we keep students on the edge, man. They are just, there is just always something going on here. We are here 24/7 7 days a week. Always we are here. And students are excited there is tons of them that just, I can’t get rid of them. They keep coming back even after they finish the program. They keep coming and hanging out because it’s so much fun and that’s the people we look for, the people that want that.”


Erik - Student
“I recommend Recording Connection just because its one on one training and it’s a small price compared to technical schools in LA. Yeah I have got a lot out of it.”


Dana Fergueson - Student“I was looking at, I won’t name the few programs I was looking at but I was looking at going to certain colleges that have been spreading around. They have been buying a lot of companies and I went there and basically they advertised a lot differently. I visited the schools, everything looked great but then you hear things about it halfway through the semester, you are left to your own devices to educate yourself and in this situation you have got somebody there. You call somebody hey can I come in or in my case I am just showing up every day but  you call him, hey can I come in and  schedule a time up and if its perfectly with your schedule.”


Josquin Des Pres - Mentor“Coming out of an audio school, you just don’t have the training, they really the credibility to be able to go walk in a recording studio and direct the session. We have experienced it many times because we on occasion needed engineers and there was no way we would hire somebody straight out of a school. We have done it. We have a test that would put potential engineers through and most of the engineers that have come out of the recording schools will fail that test because they don’t know the key things that are very important things in assembling music in our days. So I definitely think it’s a better program to prepare you for the real world as opposed to being in a school. Then you need to do an internship for any way regardless. So you might as well jump straight in the internship, learn on the job and then you will be prepared for the real world.”


Dana Fergueson - Student“You get real live experience in a studio with somebody who makes money, somebody who feeds her family with that money they make in the studio. People teaching, they don’t feed their family with money they are making by charging people to record or going out and getting movie gigs or anything like that. They make their money teaching.  My teacher makes his money working. There fore he has to know exactly what he is doing all the time and be fast at it. There is a whole recording part of it but then there is also just finding your customers. Finding your customers is a big part.  And when you have studio at your disposal that helps a whole lot because coming out of school you are going to have a certificate. You are not going to have a studio; you are not going to have anything. Basically by going to the studio I save myself the staff. I learned the Pro Tools. I have learned how to record and now I didn’t spend 16 grand.”

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