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Real Testimonials – Transcripts 04

Dana Fergueson - Student
“My name is Dana Furguson. I completed a program here from Recording Connections. And they put me through a 20 chapter curriculum and I completed it. They give you about or they set a time frame for 6 months or so. I completed it in three and now I am sticking around the studio, helping out, bringing in clients and trying to make a career out of this.”


Tommy Fugelseng - Student“You get to learn the unique features that studios have because no two studios are the same. A classroom environment is probably just going to be giving you like the bare bones. This is like the place that I have been working at is a real professional studio and you can see the clients coming in and going out. You see the transactions happening and you see that these people are in the business making money in this industry and it’s just encouraging to know that one day you are going to be there yourself and you are also meeting your peers. People who will be your peers and that is just incredibly valuable for when you are actually out there working and doing jobs, when you are actually going to places doing live sound or like in the studio. Like these are people, names and faces that you are going to recognize over time and that’s just, you can’t just put a price on that.”


Edgar - Student“Definitely the hands on experience that Donny has given us, he let us be in there when he has clients in there, so we can see how it really is in the real recording world. So we can watch them and learn from them. See how they interact, see  not only like the technical part of it, the engineering but also working with the artist,  working with the people and Donny is a good teacher as well. So that’s one of the important things to me as far as the, it wasn’t like a normal classroom where I would be in the back with like 30 students, it was that feeling of one on one. If I had any questions, he would answer my questions right then and there. I wouldn’t have to wait; I wouldn’t have to write down my questions. I would get them answered quick and it was way better than any kind of classroom that I could ever have.”


Justin Robertson - Student“I am Justin Robinson. I graduated from Recording Connection with Joey Heir's Crystal Clear Recording Studio, moved here from North Carolina, made the move. I came up here and met Joey and figured out this was a pretty good spot to do the recording education. I had to make a decision whether not to do my community college back in North Carolina where you would be in a classroom with 30 kids and one instructor that versus one on one with Joey, it’s almost hands down that this one is going to be more effective. Joey has 22 years recording experience, that’s one thing that led me to him. He is very knowledgeable, it’s a good location. They are paired up with Eddie Bruce Entertainment, EBE, very good stuff. If you are in a classroom, obviously you have a question, he will answer you very broadly, you know what I mean. When you are one on one I come into class I put my elbows on a $24,000 mixing board, and its not like a desk. And there is a guy next to you and it makes a little bit more exclusive and if I am lie hey what is this gain button necessarily do. He is just like right there and he answers my question. He doesn’t really have to, I get all the attention. It’s very nice, it’s very comforting. That board was very intimidating when I first walked in. It was like wow look at that. Two months later I am running it by myself all because of Joey. All of the Recording Connection’s books, step by step, and then Joey just leads you to it. And it just paired up and worked out great.”


Edgar - Student
“Well, I always was a musician and I didn’t know quite what I wanted to do with my skills. I knew I couldn’t make it big just by myself.  So I went to the next best thing and that is just make music, work with the artists and I feel like I am on the way. I am learning on how to produce music, that’s where I am right now while engineering it. While its always better to be good at all aspects of the game, just know everything, that way when they need you, you get paid the money instead of having other people do the job for you,  you can do all aspects of it.”

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