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Real Testimonials – Transcripts 03

Brett - Student
“What I liked about recording connections program was the hands on. I would learn from my mentor, the ins and outs, pro tools and then went home and applied that.”


Cameron Dicidrio - Student“Everyone seemed to think it was a wonderful way to go about the training. So I went ahead and got back in touch with Career Connections and told them I was very interested. Let them know my background and what I was looking to get into and within 2 weeks Jimmy had lined for me an interview with one of the top studios in Los Angeles, NRG Recording Services in North Hollywood. I went to the interview. I had prepared a resume and was essentially hired on as an intern on the spot. The externship approach of Career connections was really instrumental in both getting into that position and also making sure that while I interned at the studio that I was truly learning both from the at home study materials as well as by watching and learning and getting some one on one assistance from the entire staff at NRG. about 2 months of interning and I had completed 200 hours and I had done several chapters in the at home study  and had impressed the NRG staff enough that I was offered employment as soon as my Air Force commitment allowed me to. In the meantime I had submitted my paper work with the Air Force to separate and as of the end of May I am essentially through with the Air Force and making a wonderful transition. NRG is at the top of my studios especially right now. I have worked with producer Don Gammon who at the studio recorded Hoodie and the Blowfish is number one on the album charts and has been on the charts for over 40 weeks. Also White Zombie was recorded there. I also have had the pleasure of working with such greats as Braun St. Germaine and the band 311, Weapon of Choices and right now with Stone Gauzzard co producing. The band Caressa was also produced by Don Gammon and I have been able to watch and learn from some of the real luminaries in the recording field.”


Brett - Student
“What I liked about Recording Connection was that I was able to come in to the studio to fit around my schedule. I would come 2 days a week for the normal sessions we were having and then I would come in at my set Friday and learn from my instructor.”


Dana Fergueson - Student
“The Recording Connection program will help with you with job placements for a year after the program. So that’s a huge plus but I found this studio and it was a developing studio. I got here as it was booming, becoming bigger and I helped out and I just keep coming back. I won’t go away.”


Tommy Fugelsang - Student
“I work in Glendale at Elephant Symphony Studio with Donny Baker and every time I have an assignment, its just he and I in the studio, in the room going over my assignments, going over the technology that we are studying that given week and anytime that I am out in the field or working with other people doing my own projects and if I needed some information or advice on procedure, he is just a phone call away. So it really is one on one.”


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