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Real Testimonials – Transcripts 02

Erik - Student“The cool thing was that he got the drum set, I guess his friend gave it to him and it was a small set but it was just the idea behind it, like I had always been like that, that was always something that I really wanted to learn how to do and what mikes to use for what and the distance and all that just because I wanted to hear how it sounded like a good drum recording sound. and so the set wasn’t great but I just said like whatever this is what I want to learn. So he went in there, he set up the drums and then its like get out this mike, this mike, this mike and so we got them all out and I set him up to kind of how I thought they should be set up, just what I had seen like in the videos and in the stuff that I had seen on DVDs or whatever. And so I figured ok let me try putting this here, this here and this here and then he told me like that doesn’t go there. Let me tell you why it doesn’t go there because so and so. I am like ok cool and that stuck out to me because its like saying you know that doesn’t work this is why it doesn’t work and this is why it works. This is where, that’s when we went over and that lesson was, I think it was mikes and just learning about all the different polar patterns, frequency response, base proximity effect, all that kind of stuff but different mikes and so another thing we did was he made me read like a paragraph into each different microphone and had us going over what we noticed different about the different mikes. Close like I talked into a close and I would talk like 3 inches away, and I noticed a lot of stuff about it. But I mean that helps. And then I think the following week, that was first before the drums and then the following week when we make the drums. And that’s like got to me like wow this is something I can retain and keep because it’s so like, I saw it with my own eyes. I set up the mikes. I hit record while he was playing the drums as all the like you could see the signals just like all the wave. Just being recorded I was just like wow this is what I wanted to see.”


Dana Fergueson - Student“Recording Connections, yeah great program. Like going to school it will give you a certificate. It will give you a certificate saying you know something. When you go into the studio that certificate doesn’t mean anything because when the client in the booth tells you to go, go, go, go record, record, record and you are sitting there wondering how to route something or why isn’t this working, you have not actually been in a situation where there is somebody who knows what they are doing, who wants you to record them and who is on a time schedule. They are paying you for this. So you got to be good at what you are doing and this is definitely put me in that situation and has helped me greatly.”


Sebastian Hove - Student“I came here for an interview with my mom and we were sitting out in the hallway discussing it after the meeting and Mom was like tell me what you feel first and I will tell you what I feel. I was like I really feel like Doug is the right guy I should be working with and mom was like he is perfect. It was like that’s exactly what I am thinking and so we decided lets do it. And here I am and we just came home, ate dinner. We were like, this is what we are going to do and I loved it and came in the studio. My eyes like dropped at all this equipment, like this whole console.  These consoles, the screen, the Beatles posters everything, the whole aura, the atmosphere, everything was just really opening and that’s when I just knew it from square one, boom, that’s what I was going to do. So here I am today.”


Doug Maxwell - Mentor“I felt really moved to participate in Recording Connection after I must have been on the radar last year getting about 10 people a week calling the studio, wanting an interview to appear. They had graduated form other programs spending form what they told me between $18,000 and $60,000 for an education and really felt that they had no experience in a national studio and  no real understanding of the business and the industry. And they were willing to work here for no money just to get some of the experience. And something about that didn’t quite sound right. And I remember picking up the phone and speaking with you, and I guess to summarize my thought on what you are doing I think it’s the oldest idea in civilization. Basically if you wanted to learn a craft, if you were a blacksmith or a printer you would find a master craftsman and you would work alongside them. So instead of being a blacksmith you want to be in the recording industry what better way to learn that than to extern with somebody who has been in that business. You can watch them do what they do and learn from their experience.”

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