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Real Testimonials – Transcripts 01

Phil Thomas - Mentor“I have been recording off and on for a little while and I had done a the live music thing for a long time and I had gotten to the point where I had exhausted all my resources and the fact that I had got all the knowledge that I could get from some one else and so when I started looking around, I went to various different schools in the area because this is LA. This is the place where people are going to try and sell you anything and I found the program on the website and after seeing the other places and kind of weighing the costs and the benefits and the knowledge that I was going to gain in the real world practical experiences, this was the place for me. Because of the fact that I knew I was going to get my hands on the equipment. I was going to get practical solutions for problems that I probably will basically run into, in my every day endeavors.”


Tommy Fugelsang - Student
“I was going around before I started with Recording Connections looking for the perfect environment to study and I was looking at these turn and burn schools that like they want $40,000 from you and they promise you this magical career, that kind of stuff just didn’t seem real to me. Recording Connections is real because first of all its a lot cheaper than going there and second of all it is one on one and third of all it’s just a quality program designed to teach you everything you need to know from the most basic studio setups to some of the most advanced technology that there is out there.”


Donny Baker - Mentor“I actually went to a school. I am digi-design certified.  Where I went to school I kind of, I hate to say this, I am not going to mention my school where I went but because I wish I had known about Recording Connections before I went to school. Where I went to school was sterile. It was a classroom, it was that. Everything worked perfectly, all the audio was perfect. All the teachers were perfect, everything was perfect. It was not perfect monetarily speaking. It was very expensive. It took me 2 years to go through there and I wish I had heard about and known about Recording Connections when I was a student. So yeah my backgrounds all live music, signal flow really isn’t an issue for me. That’s an important part of being in this business and learning what we are doing here and that’s a big part of it. So that part I had, That part was cool but knowing how studios work and how clients react to what you are doing and how other people in the room affect the client  that’s in the booth singing and those kinds of things. Things you don’t get in school, you get in here though.”


Brett - Student
“In the studio here we do more loop based stuff and so I got to learn about how all that stuff works and then also recently they have been doing more live sessions. I recorded a jazz band not too long ago and got to sit in myself and actually helped out setting up the mikes and different stuff like that. My mentor kind of taught me the ins and outs of how a typical day in the studio runs.”


“We have had actually interns here that had come out from the big recording schools that we all know that are around the country. Some of these students would come here and they knew absolutely nothing. This is not a business where you learn in a classroom in my opinion. This is a business where you have to learn how to deal with a cranky artist on the other side of the window and somebody who is not always easy to work with and somebody who is very good and easy to work with too and you can only work with these kinds of dynamics in the real environment.”

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