You want to launch a successful career in the music industry but you don’t want to compromise your financial future in the process. Recording Connection provides unique, mentor-based programs that are affordable, so you can stay in control of your finances.

Most of our
programs cost $9800

At Recording Connection, you have several different payment options to choose from.

Full Payment: $9,800

You will save over $2,000 in interest and graduate from Recording Connection with no debt.
This is your most cost-effective option.

Four Years

$244 Monthly
$2,700 Down Payment

Three Years

$306 Monthly
$2,700 Down Payment

Two Years

$432 Monthly
$2,700 Down Payment

One Year

$812 Monthly
$2,700 Down Payment

1-Year Financing

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Financial Assistance is available. Speak with a representative now to learn more about this option 800.755.7597

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With the right experience and connections, you can jumpstart your career in the music industry.


The chart (right) shows average loan interest by school type. Federal Student Aid Loans cost around $13,000 in financing charges alone for a one-year trade school, and up to $75,000 for a traditional four-year university. In contrast, Recording Connection’s payment plans limit financing charges from $0 to no more than $2,700, allowing you to focus more on your music career—and less on lending costs.

$9,800 Tuition
$0* Loan Interest


$44,000 Tuition
$61,000 Loan Interest

Junior College

$22,000 Tuition
$20,500 Loan Interest

Traditional College

$88,000 Tuition
$122,000 Loan Interest

Average Accrued Interest Charges
Sources: Sallie Mae student loan calculator - Nerd Wallet - Best Value Schools - Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Don't Change A Thing

Recording Connection’s programs are affordable and geared toward your passion—and they’re also extremely convenient. Think about the schools you’ve considered attending: Many choices require you to uproot your life, and moving takes time, money, and sacrifice.

With Recording Connection, you can get the education you want in your own backyard. Working with professionals at local recording studios, we remove the hassle of relocating, getting a meal plan, and reorganizing your entire life. Already have a job? Keep it—and we’ll even schedule your lessons around your work commitments, so you can continue to cover monthly rent, car, and student loan payments.

When you graduate from one of our programs in six months, you’ll be ready to start your career in the music business—and you won’t need to worry about moving back home or starting from scratch.

I finished my halfway marker last week and you’d think that would be a weight off. I know that the real work is ahead though. Now it’s less about the material, and more about practicing the lessons. The more hours I spend working in Pro Tools the better I get. Theres only so much that can be taught.

Brandon Sanders Recording Connection Student

How long will loan repayment take?

1-Year Trade School
2-Year Junior College
4-Year Traditional College

Pay off your loans and get on with your life.

How long will it take to pay off your student loans?

The average college graduate owes nearly $30,000 upon graduation, to be paid off over 20+ years. With Recording Connection’s financing plans, you’ll be done paying off your student loans in four years or less.

Our affordable tuition and accelerated payment plans let you focus on doing what you love, without lingering debt and long-term financial constraints.

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