Travis Harrington, Recording Connection Teacher and Engineer for the talented Drake is now accepting applications to learn audio engineering in his studio as an extern (apprentice) - Only through the Recording Connection.

Travis Harrington, Audio Engineer and Recording Connection Mentor
Learn alongside Travis Harrington in a world-class recording studio like this one—your classroom with the Recording Connection, the only program that gets you in the door of a Real Recording Studio as an extern.

Meet Travis Harrington – Audio Engineer and Recording Connection Teacher

As the owner and chief engineer of Mixing Is Art, an elite recording studio in Atlanta, Georgia, Travis Harrington is well connected in the high-profile Atlanta music scene. In his years of experience as an engineer and mixer, Travis has worked with such clients as Estelle, Justin Bieber, Ciara, Katy Perry, and yes—even rap megastar Drake. We’re proud of the fact that Travis is one of our mentors, and we’re excited about the opportunities our students are getting under his personal guidance.

The Recording Connection is a simple program. We take you, the aspiring audio engineer, producer, rapper, beat maker, or electronic music composer, and we pair you with an authority on that topic. You then work with them in the studio. You make connections, you make music. That’s your schooling. You learn on the job. Impressive, right?!

How to Learn Music Producing and Engineering +
How to Break Into the Music Business:


Avoid over-priced trade schools that train you in a classroom instead of a real studio.


Become an extern (extern) and learn from an industry pro like Travis Harrington.


Make valuable, job-producing connections as you learn the ropes from inside the music industry.



– OR –

TRAVIS HARRINGTON, a seasoned music industry pro who works with clients like Drake?

The Recording Connection could be your answer to jumpstarting your career. You’ll end up learning your trade, making connections, and learning the way the business works all simultaneously. Apply now, and get your career off the ground!

Drake's Audio Engineer is a Recording Connection Audio School Mentor

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