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Recording and Film Connection Help Ex Gang Member Get a Second Chance

Tracey Wilson spent a quarter of his life struggling against more than he could fight on his own. A broken home and the snares of a troubled community had him a high school drop out and convicted felon by age 22. Despite his academic talents, natural charisma and drive to help those around him, Tracey was swayed by an army of negative influences. Dealing drugs, wrapped up in prostitution, and gambling – by most accounts, Tracey’s chances in this world we limited if not already passed. Poor decisions made at an age most are ill-equipped to comprehend their gravity. But as he was able to ask others for help, Tracey found there were those put on this Earth to do more than listen.

Through the Judge Greg Mathis Community Center in his native Detroit, Tracey was able to meet those who knew getting on the right path could be difficult. Through the changes he made and the truths he faced, Judge Mathis, Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers and the Film Connection were able to recognize the talents within Tracey and give him the chance to reinvent himself.

The assistance of these prominent figures did not come easily. First he had to go back to school and obtain his GED with the help of The Mathis Community Center. Once completed, the Film Connection flew him to Los Angeles, provided fully furnished accommodations and set him on the path to learning the film industry he considered his saving grace. Through his continued dedication inside the Film Connection?s Masters film production program and his tireless efforts to assist on real Hollywood productions, Tracey showed us his goals were more than words.

Therefore, as his time with the program waines and as he continued to show promise in his abilities as a filmmaker the Film Connection is now proud to announce our program, along with the assistance of the filmmakers at our disposal, and under the guidance of our Consultant Mr. Brian Kraft the Film Connection will assist the financing, preproduction and shooting of Tracey’s own independent documentary. This will be an impressive undertaking Tracey has earned time and again, showing that, if given the chance to succeed, no life is too far from changing.

We simply could not be more proud of this young man for the commitment he made, not just to himself but to his family and community. The Recording Radio and Film Connection are looking to duplicate this experience and help those in similar circumstances rise above their own shortcomings to create a future we can all be proud of.

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