So you think this all sounds too good to be true?
Think again.

But we get it, and we hear you; we really do. You have every right to be skeptical. In a world of overpriced schools and bloated promises, the idea of attending a low-cost, no-nonsense audio program like ours inside the walls of a real recording studio, receiving private instruction from a professional music producer/engineer…well, it just sounds impossible. BUT IT ISN’T IMPOSSIBLE– AND WE CAN PROVE IT, at absolutely no cost to you!

Read on:

We at The Recording Connection audio school alternative have set up our enrollment process so you and your family can see the recording studio in person before you commit to enrolling in our program. That’s right, once you have talked to our Admissions Department and have been approved, we will send you down to the recording studio for an open house orientation interview where you and you family can get all of your questions answered, face to face, for absolutely no charge of any kind. No fees, no start up money, no cost. NONE.


Please review the following enrollment steps with your family carefully, and by all means show this to your family or anyone who might be helping you afford your tuition:


STEP TWO: One of our Admissions representatives will contact you by phone within 24-48 hours after you apply. You can also call us at 310-456-9623 and ask to speak to an Admissions Counselor.

STEP THREE: Talk to your family about The Recording Connection and share with them how we are different from all the other audio programs and audio schools out there:

    1. We are the school alternative that puts you in the door of an actual recording studio.
    2. We are the school alternative that trains you one on one. Imagine yourself at the board, seated next to a professional music producer in his or her studio, learning how produce music with no other students in the room. This is a private learning experience.


Next, show these 4 pages to your family:

STEP FOUR: If you require Financial Assistance, apply for it free of charge by calling our Financial Assistance Department at 310-456-9623 X226. Then talk to your Head Of Admissions the day before your Open House Interview so we can prepare you for your interview. If you are not utilizing Financial Assistance, no problem, just ignore the Financial Assistance part of this step and talk to your Head of Admissions the day before you interview.

STEP FIVE: Go to your OPEN HOUSE INTERVIEW either alone or with your family, follow our guidelines, and get yourself accepted into our program.

STEP SIX: If you and your family like what you see (and if you were accepted by your mentor), enroll.

STEP SEVEN: Begin your externship inside the recording studio.


It says that you have to be accepted by the mentor for entry into your program. Don’t you accept everyone?

No, we don’t. Our mentors are actual working music producers who have agreed to impart their knowledge to you or your child. That said, they are looking to train only those students who demonstrate enthusiasm, motivation, and a hard work ethic. When you or your child attends the OPEN HOUSE INTERVIEW, the mentor is also interviewing you to see if he or she wants to train you or your child. We base acceptance or denial on work ethic and attitude. Nothing else.

It says you don’t have any application fees. Is that really true?

We do not have any application fees, up front fees, holding fees or any other kind of preliminary charges of any kind. Period. The only thing you pay is your tuition and any applicable interest charges associated with your account. The Recording Connection is in full compliance with federal and state laws, and is HEOA Compliant.

So let me get this straight: I get to go down to the recording studio first, meet the mentor and talk the curriculum, the program, and scheduling before I pay even one single penny?

Yes, yes, yes. There is NO money exchanged before you see the program with your own eyes first.

Wait a minute, are they going to ask me for money at the recording studio?

NO, NO, NO. With the Recording Connection you will NOT be asked for ANY MONEY of ANY KIND at the open house interview.

Okay, but what if I go to the recording studio for the open house interview and I don’t like what I see?

No problem; you are free to check out other schools. You can also check back with us to tour another externship location. With Recording Connection, there is no obligation of any kind before final enrollment. If you don’t like what you see, you can simply walk away.

But what if I want to check out another recording studio after the first one? Can I check out two or more studios that work with your school?

If there is another studio available, yes. But please be advised the externships that we offer our rare and difficult to come by. Because our one-on-one training is offered by busy industry professionals inside their own recording studios, we only have a select few openings per month. Chances are if we set you up with an interview, it is not only the best option available, but the only one. That said– yes, we will do our best to accommodate you and your needs with a second option at our discretion.

Can you explain how your externship is different from a regular internship?

Absolutely. Interns are “gophers,” helpers, errand runners. While being an intern is a good thing, it is not the best way to learn a trade because interns “help first, learn second”. But Recording Connection Apprenticeships are set up in a completely different way. As a Recording Connection Apprentice, you will actually study from our structured course curriculum in private, one-on-one session with a professional music producer who is both your mentor and your teacher. You will learn audio engineering and music producing by studying Pro Tools and analog recording inside the studio. For a complete list of what you will learn, please click here.

Can I attend around my current job or other schooling?

Yes. Most students start off going to the recording studio twice per week and then increase to 3-5 times per week as they delve deeper into the fascinating world of audio recording and music producing.

Come on, this sounds too good to be true. Is it?

Let us show you how TRUE this is. Let us prove ourselves to you. Let us show you that we are an audio school alternative of integrity, professionalism, and that we are honest about everything we claim.

Let The Recording Connection help you realize your dreams. If you go to an overpriced audio school, you will be wasting your money. Going to school with us is not only the smartest way, but it is the way recommended by the these audio professionals:

Click here to see what pros endorse the Recording Connection.

Learn how these externs became success stories:

“I think what surprised me the most about myself was how much I didn’t know that I knew. Walking into the studio for the first time was daunting but after a while I realized that all of the knowledge I’ve learned from using software in my house for years translated directly to hardware. For example, Reason is modeled directly after outboard gear, so after using Reason for a few years, the transition to outboard gear wasn’t as hard as I expected. Similarly, going from FL Studio to Logic and Pro Tools hasn’t been a giant, foreign leap either. Once I’d gotten past the difference in scale, it was only a matter of hands-on experience.”

“Currently something I’m researching to find a studio that would be a good fit for my abilities and musical tastes. My long term, life career goal would be to ultimately become a producer. That would be my dream job. At some point in the near future, I hope I can begin putting my talents out there to show others how I can help them take their song/s and make them into something spectacular. I’m currently just staying active in the music scene in my state trying to make connections and stay on top of what’s going on because you never know when you’re going to meet the right person!”

Mark Maksymiuk - Recording Connection Audio School Student
Mark Maksymiuk
Sterling Heights, MI

“My education gave me the confidence to believe that I can survive and be successful in the music business and working with music professionals. The only way you know if it is something that you see yourself doing is to try. Music is a passion of love and only those that are willing to make the necessary sacrifices will reach their potential. Go out there and get your goals today!”

“… I have mixed a bunch of recordings given to me by mentors, and teachers. I have also recorded myself a few times for class work, and just for fun. The greatest thing I have gotten to do so far, was when I interned at Milkboy The Studio, I got to sit in on a session with Meek Mill, a Philadelphia rapper. Sitting in the studio next to Meeks engineer with the DAW in front of me, watching Meek Mill in the booth rapping was truly the moment of confirmation for me. Being an audio engineer, and in the studio is what I want to do. So for that, thank you Meek.”

Anthony Cotton - Recording Connection Audio School Student
Anthony Cotton
Atlanta, GA

“My life change the first day I stepped into the studio, it made me believe no dream is too big. I was surprised when I walked in seeing a lot of people I’m used to seeing on T.V. or hearing on the radio. I always felt like this was were I belonged everyone was cool humble and extended their hand with knowledge and wisdom. It was different because not only did I feel apart of a business but apart of a Grammy Family.”

“My goals are to help artist locally and nationally obtain a great sounding track by recording at HitStreet Records. I also would like to help artists develop in the industry.”

“Some of the things that surprised me the most about myself was how fast I was learning and picking up on the material and how well it was translating to my own personal recordings. Everything was suddenly becoming clear and the amount of information I was learning was incredible.”

Linda Yockey - Recording Connection Audio School Student
Linda Yockey
Las Vegas, NV

“I didn’t realize how passionate I was about songwriting or how good my talents were. I got compliments from well-respected people in the industry.”

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