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Thomas Gentil of the Seattle Recording Connection Plans to Run his Own Studio After Graduating

No matter the ups and downs that come with learning audio engineering and music production we are always pleased to hear how our studentʼs dream for their future triumphs over the struggle. There is no better example of this that a studentʼs idea for opening his or her own studio.

“still want to open up my own live sound studio, work a small venue, I want to work shows and stuff like that and of course me learning what I’ve learned I could control the sound, I would say that’s my ultimate goal. As far as this program goes in continuing I would say I’ve not gotten that figured out right now. I’m just thinking things over, I’m thinking about going back to school, a community college that is because I would like a degree in business just because of my future plans… Being in the studio I noticed there is a lot of focus on outside noise and canceling all that out and making sure you have that crisp quality sound while you’re recording and it brought up my idea where I always had this thought of recording outdoors. Of course it wouldn’t all be outdoors, I would have an indoor studio and a portion of it would be outdoors just to where I could record ambient nature sounds because I think a lot of playing when you’re recording has to do with your environment and if you’re in a better environment you can come up with a good quality recording. That was something that kind of came up as a bizarre thought in my head but the more I thought of it the more I realize that was something that I would like to create. In the music industry I don’t like to limit myself to genres I feel like as long as you’re free, you can even create your own genre, you just have to know the basics of music. There are some genres that would work more but I think I will most likely sticky indie. I’m more of that kind of a guy.”

— Thomas Gentil, Bremerton, WA

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