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Recording Connection and ICM Announce Partnership

As part of our continuing effort to enrich the communities that our programs are a part of, the Recording Radio and Film Connection is proud to announce a partnership with global talent agency ICM Partners to donate charitable aid to the Hide & Seek Foundation. ICM Partners is one of the largest international talent agencies […]

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Recording Connection and Adam Levine Aid Victims of Hurricane Sandy

The Recording Radio and Film Connection is proud to announce our continuing support of local and national charities. In our ongoing efforts to support the communities that The Recording Radio and Film Connection is a part of, we have partnered with musician Adam Levine to donate charitable aid to the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Adam […]

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Interview with Andrew Kirk: Recording Connection Honors Graduate

Interviewer: Okay. Thanks again for being willing to talk with us. Let me pull up the right set of questions. There we go. Andrew, first of all, why don’t you tell us what you have been doing since you graduated from the Recording Connection. Andrew: Okay. Yes. I did want to talk about that. I […]

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Guitar Center Supplies Recording Connection Students with Hardware and Software

LOS ANGELES, CA, October 9, 2012–The Recording Connection is honored to announce our taking yet another step to provide equipment and support to our students across the country. Our program has partnered with Guitar Center® and Guitar Center Professional (GC Pro) to continue supplying our students with recording software and hardware nationwide. Once again the […]

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Why Anthony Alvarez Chose the Recording Connection

“I’ve been looking for a (recording) school since I was 14 or 15.” Anthony Alvarez, a Recording Connection Student from Bloomington, CA had this to say about why he chose the Recording Connection. “I was looking for recording schools throughout the Souther California area and I had gone to M.I. tours, to The Los Angeles […]

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Shoneen Stenftanegal Explains Why She Chose the Recording Connection

While most colleges are forcing students to relocate for an education the Recording Connection takes pride in offering or program in small towns across America. By learning from professionals, creating works of art in an honest setting our members are taping into a potential they might not have known existed… while keeping the shared identify […]

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Student Explains How to Get the Most out of Our Program

While itʼs easy to say ʻno two students are the sameʼ in any education program, itʼs harder for education programs to admit they can give something different to EACH of their students. On top of that, it can be hard for a student pick and choose what they would prefer to study while in an […]

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