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Happy Face Laura Gammack

Happy Face by Laura Gammack

Music producer/audio engineer Danielle Picard recorded Laura Gammack in-studio with guidance from mentor Tara Stiles and other Recording Connection mentors. In making this track, Danielle “added light drumming to compliment Laura’s vocals and to give the track some weight.” Peter Tyukasz added the guitar elements in addition to the live ambience that’s featured on the bridge.

Artist and songwriter Laura Gammack says the inspiration behind ‘My Happy Face’ was “a really long and hard winter full of challenges, changes, and adjustments,” a period resulting in being prescribed anti-depressants. “The pills did ‘drive me out of the darkness and lead me into the light,’ but I wanted to be better without them…Though I still have some days where it feels like my head is eating the rest of my body, I feel fortunate to say that my good days now out-number the bad ones.”

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Voices by MADDOX

Composed/produced/engineered by Maddox he says, “’Voices’ includes a lot of elements that portray me as a musician. I grew up in choir, playing guitar, and loving music theory. I wanted to use big jazzy chords and midi voices to get a big polyphonic sound…I also added in some dubstep type bass sounds for added rhythmic appeal. Then I finally added some clean electric guitar chords that follow the progression. I performed and recorded those myself.”

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What Do We Call It, Bro? Maddox (ft. TIMO)

What Do We Call It, Bro? by Maddox (ft. TIMO)

Produced/engineered by Maddox, “What Do We Call It, Bro?” is the result of the very first time the upcoming producer had another artist (TIMO) come over to record and “started writing a vocal melody and lyrics over this instrumental that I had written.” A fruitful session, the audio sat on Maddox’s hard drive for over a year until he cracked back into it. TIMO is credited for writing and performing his melody, rapping, and his lyrics. Maddox also composed his own lyrics for the parts he sings, expanded the song with harmonies and a new melody.

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Pretty Girls Siren Harmonies

Pretty Girls by Siren Harmonies

Singer/artist/engineer Sonya Glaessner sang, recorded, and edited mixes for the final product on behalf of her band Siren Harmonies.

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Holly The Labrat

Holly by The Labrat

Written, arranged, performed (backup vocals), recorded, produced, and mixed by Recording Connection student Jan-Daryl Bantug.

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Ancient Time DayDream

Ancient Time by DayDream

Much of the inspiration behind this track for producer/engineer Robert Bustamante was to “mix melodic elements with new age trap music, using ancient instruments and hard hitting 808s to make something interesting for the listener.”

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Lion dyl

Lion by dyl

Produced and mixed by Dylan Atieh aka dyl.

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New Skin Cold Neon Fetish

New Skin by Cold Neon Fetish

EDM producer Austin Hayes aka Cold Neon Fetish says, “I wrote, sang, and performed this song on my own with engineering and production help from Josh Franklin @ Fifty50 Studios in Dallas, TX.

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