Vincent Campos - Recording Connection Graduate Success Stories

Vincent Campos, Houston, TX

When I was a Recording Connection student, I got right into the studio and surpassed all expectations that my mentors’ had for me.   Any matters or assistance ever needed, I jumped right in there and assisted at all times.  Furthermore, we had a very good relationship and as m y mentor, he always took the time to speak with me if I needed any assistance as well. 

When I first began the program, I asked my mentor right off the bat if I could have a job at the studio the Recording Connection placed me as an extern in.  However, at that time, my mentor could not hire me.  I was advised that one day, when the company expanded, that I would be offered a paid position within the company.  So, I stuck it out as an extern and taking a leap of faith, learned everything I needed to know about the studio, and music industry, and continued my learning growth pattern. 

Once I graduated the program, I continued my career in the industry and worked on the tools I had been trained on as an extern.  Two years later, my mentor called me so set up an appointment over dinner, for him to discuss some details with me.  When I got to dinner, my mentor notified me that the company was currently expanding and building a new studio within the expanded company.  Right then and there to work for my mentors company, hired as the staff engineer and producer.  I put in the dedication and in the end, it has finally started to pay off for me.  Now, I have clients of all genres that I work with, providing the complete recording, mixing, and mastering of all sessions.  I am so proud of my progression and I owe it all to my mentor, and the Recording Connection.

Vincent Campos, Houston, TX

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