Todd Talbot Returns to the Classroom After a 20 Year Break

Todd Talbot Returns to the Classroom After a 20 Year Break

Just like with other higher education programs, the Recording Connection is open to adults looking to get a grip on how music is recorded industry wide. Read what Todd Talbot, 42 from Denver, CO had to say about his time in the program.

“Having the opportunity to be in the studio and working on stuff, I have also have the opportunity to sit in on a couple of his sessions and essentially be an assistant engineer you know helping set up mics and stuff like that. You know that’s invaluable for me it’s weird to see it from the other end because I’ve been on the other side of the glass so much that I never really thought about it much but being on the control room side of the glass it’s a different perspective and I think it’s helped me in a lots of ways. I even think it’s made me a better musician on top of that to be perfectly honest. Working on music and having to listen to what you do when you’re making a mix it’s opened me up to what I’m hearing when I’m on stage or when I am recording as a player so yeah it’s been a great experience. I love it so.”

“There is always technical stuff to work on in terms of new pieces of gear or whatever. I mean I was using Cubase before ProTools so there is an adjustment there, every new piece of software out there you have to spend a little bit of time with… I mean that stuff is a small part of it that really takes the least amount of time and effort it can sometimes be the most frustrating but in terms of the stuff that I need to work on with it it’s less objective I think. For me, I’m really working on the ins and outs of getting the right balance. Getting the mix to sit right and just the right amount of sound in my reverb. It’s a lot about the character stuff, tone and EQ you know really working the mix. I guess it’s the artistry side of that is what I’m working on because I feel, aside from going in and having to learn to use AAU phonics board or something like that which could take a little bit of time. Aside from that, what I’m really working on is getting to that artistry that’s really what it’s about.”

— Todd Talbot, Denver, CO

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