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Peter Rodriguez, Marietta, GA
Peter Rodriguez, Marietta, GA

Peter Rodriguez, Marietta, GA

No matter what the job market presents we, and our mentors, are sure to teach our graduates how to be patient yet tenacious when looking for work. If nothing presents itself right away it’s not uncommon for our mentors to take on graduates in their own studio until he or she secures a position of their own. Don’t believe us? Read on to hear about it in a students own words.

“After I finished the program I was talking to Cortez (my mentor) about working in his studio which I am, but for now I’m he has me as an intern as I work my way. He’s used to having guys from the program continue to work with him and work their way up to management and being hired with him and I’m trying to do the same thing for now. I’m going to the studio twice a week, or in my free time, in the studio he lets me use his equipment to make beats or record any projects I have at the moment. I have a studio at my house as well and I’m just trying to promote myself so that any artist around here or any person trying to become an artist can call me to use my studio. I can record them and I can make beats and record full bands.”

“I’ve recorded some different people in the studio already, I’ve made tracks and recorded a few of my friends that were interested and recorded them as well as myself and especially doing that on my own helps me a lot because in the studio I am not the only person that’s there; sometimes there’s other people working and I’m in the back and I’m not really doing anything but when I’m in my house I get to work a lot of Pro Tools and to be honest in my house is where I actually got really comfortable with Pro Tools doing everything I need to do.”

Peter Rodriguez, Marietta, GA

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