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May 30, 2015 Student Quotes

Final Exam!

“I would recommend RRFC to anyone who has a drive to put their “foot in the door” and wants to make a name for them in this industry.”

The Finer Things

“One of the things I appreciate every day is that I am surrounded by like-minded people; those who have the expertise and patience to listen to a mix repetitively and for as long as it take, to accomplish what needs to be done. The qualities I see in my peers at the studio are great. Everyone at 35th Street Studios has their unique background, style, and personality type; nevertheless, they work together seamlessly- true teamwork- and I’m more than happy to be involved.”

May 16, 2015 Student Quotes

Last couple of weeks…

“I have encountered a lot of cool rap artist and band members these passed weeks. I am happy to say that being involved with the sessions is really getting me comfortable with working with different types of people and seeing how my mentor handles situations that arise. I think that I will only get better due to his awesome knowledge and the knowledge that some of the people just throw your way.”

This was easily my favorite chapter so far.

“I got to learn about all of the different techniques and how each of them sounded. Hollis told about what situations that he uses certain ones for and about how to figure out which to use for all sorts of things. My favorite one was his drum set up. Everything sounded just right. We got down to a mixing session where he had me picking out different pairs used during the tracking well before. Putting practical use to it was helpful.”

I never knew how important it was to the sound of the music.

“I was quite nervous for my first day, but it was because I was extremely excited. He showed me a lot of the stuff he has worked on, including; Talk Rock’s album, Modern Gripe, some demos from Sons of San Arc, and a bunch of his songs. His music reminds me of a mixture of Tobacco and NIN with some acoustic folk music thrown in. Jesse started working on some of those demos from Sons, teaching me about phase. This was something that I had never heard before starting the externship, and I never knew how important it was to the sound of the music. Now I know!”

The Grind

“The other day I went into the studio late to sit in on a music video shoot and it was absolutely eye opening for me. Not only was the band very well-rehearsed and professional, but the equipment setup was intricate and flawless. Every person working that night had a specific task and I was able to sit next to my mentor Joey for a whole three hours of what seemed to be more of a private concert than work time. That was a moment I felt happy to have chosen the career, I cannot wait to start getting into it more.”

I am on my way in today to spend a couple extra hours at the studio

“I’m really excited about this week’s observation and lesson. I can’t stress enough how much I am learning! Not only that but everything I learn from these class and lessons I am taking into my at home productions and couldn’t be happier with the results. I am on my way in today to spend a couple extra hours at the studio before my 3 pm lesson to hopefully get some studio time!”

I really wish I would have found Recording Connection a lot sooner

“This week I finally met up with Joe Gallagher from Miller Street Studios to discuss Chapter 1’s definition of sound as well as getting a clearer understanding of frequency and phase. I would like to mention how professional and knowledgeable my mentor is at explaining certain details when asked questions such as how to determine what a reasonable decibel level is off hand to showing me how two waveforms recorded at the same time but from different mics sound like both in and out of phase. Before our first meeting I was already excited about what I would be learning, the environment from which I would be learning and the potential of where I would go based on the current path of which I set myself. I really wish I would have found Recording Connection a lot sooner than now because this really does seem like the best decision of my life.”

Thank You Recording Connection and Allusion Studios!

“I can’t express on how grateful and thankful I am for learning and working with my mentor. His work is phenomenal, his knowledge is extraordinary, and most of all his teachings are very well driven! From when I first met him to now, he’s ALWAYS set me up for success. I’m definitely coming to him for equipment and to keep in touch! Thank you Jim and thank you Recording Connection! Best decision I have made! Glad I didn’t go to CRAS like I almost did until I got accepted here!”

I’m in a recording studio multiple times a week, on a first name basis with the owner!

“Before my enrollment at Recording Connection, I could only dream of setting foot into an actual recording studio. Now, I’m in a recording studio multiple times a week, on a first name basis with the owner, and the lead engineer! All of the questions I can think to ask concerning audio recording, music, electronics, and studio etiquette are met with concise and friendly answers. My mentor tells me that I could not have started at a better time; considering I was able to experience so much in my first week. There were two rehearsals, a recording/mixing session, and four RC graduates decided to drop in and visit Steve, who is also their lifelong mentor. One way or another, I was involved and hands-on each day, as promised in this program!”

May 9, 2015 Student Quotes

I had a lot of fun applying automation to my mix project

“Chapter seventeen, automation was all about the importance of a mix sounding not just good as whole but every level on every track from panning to effect level to volume being in the right spot at every second of the song. I had a lot of fun applying automation to my mix project especially with the vocals.”

Finally Got Pro Tools!

“I got to sit down with my mentor and work on my own copy of Pro Tools. My mentor had me constantly working on pro tools in other variations before I received my own, including watching other students of varying pro tool skills levels work through their problems. So basically I had a good jump into the software so when I installed I could get to work right away. I’m ecstatic to venture into the complexity of pro tools!”

That was a good chapter!

“I have a good foundation for what mastering is and those videos really helped. Now I know what I’m doing and I don’t have to use the presets anymore. My engineering skills are on a whole other level. The studio has really given me the tools I need to be successful!”

Off to a great start!

“This class is great. I’m learning way more than I expected to and I love it. From the book work to the class work I’m enjoying it all!”

Tracking and Planning & Artist Development

“Because of my interests in the business side of the music industry, I am also looking into branding and promotional strategies. This includes a wide range of topics: the vibes of our music, the content of our lyrics and the values behind them, how we would dress and present ourselves at shows, how we plan on generating a fan base and hype before releasing an album, what types of non-concert activities we want to make happen with our fans, establishing a good network of fellow artists and venues, and much more. I’ve been able to learn quite a bit through doing research on these things, but Dalton’s life experience being a part of successful bands is definitely extremely valuable. I’m very excited to pursue this adventure as an artist, and my education at RRF is definitely going to be an essential element to my success.”

I got an A!

“I never knew so many different microphones existed. I learned so much about the journey through microphones. I read chapter 5 so many times and was scared to take the test, so many dates, mics, functions, things to remember, but I got an A!”

Almost finished!

“This week was awesome! I got to work on my mix assignment, and I’ve almost finished. I can’t wait to show everyone what it sounds like when it’s finished!”

Witnessed some great talent in the studio

“This was a great week. My mentor had a “one man band” come in to the studio for a 6-7 hour session. We had to record drums, guitar and vocals…basically the whole thing! I set up mics for everything and got an awesome overview of what goes where and why! Not to mention that I also witnessed some great talent in the studio….the guy actually plays all the instruments very well!”

May 2, 2015 Student Quotes

I look forward to sitting in on another recording session and playing a bigger role in it.

“The next time I went to the studio I had a chance to sit in on a recording session with Luis and a local Hip Hop artist. I actually had the chance to get a little involved in the recording session a couple times. I adjusted the microphone stand height, changed the polar pattern on the mic from cardiod to omni (to try a different sound), and added another set of headphones to the Private Q box. The majority of the time I was observing and trying to learn and understand the flow of a recording session. It was interesting to watch a song being created from beginning to end. First was placing the prerecorded instruments and sounds into different Pro Tools tracks. After that, the verses, chorus, and ad-libs were each recorded separately, then pieced together in Pro Tools. Again, I got to see and hear how some parts of the song were recorded twice, then overlapped into separate tracks on Pro Tools to give the voice a fuller effect. There was a lot going on in the Pro Tools session, with recording, effects and mastering all happening simultaneously, but Luis was pretty good about occasionally letting me know what he was doing and why. Overall it was a good learning experience and I look forward to sitting in on another recording session and playing a bigger role in it.”

My chapter 4 lesson was the best one yet.

“I got to learn all the cables and functions. Then we took a trip to the storage section to look at all of the old equipment. It was cool to see all of the pieces of history. I was able to use my cable knowledge to help Hollis set up for a singer to come and record. During the session, he had me working on the pre amps and I got to help tear down the mic and cable. Overall, it was another good day!”

Getting the hang of things.

“I feel like a total stud when I can look on a box and actually understand all those numbers on the side.  LOL.”

I loved it!

“Today I got to sit in on my first session and it was awesome. I loved it. I can’t wait to start my career in this profession!”

I can’t wait to finish this mix to show my mentor!

“This week I got to use the Minimoog Voyager and experiment!  It was super fun and also really cool using an analog synthesizer!  I have also been working hard on the mix assignment recently.  I am even getting to use a project from the studio as my mix assignment, rather than a track from the book!  I can’t wait to finish this mix to show my mentor!”

This week’s lesson was awesome.

“I can’t wait to get home and mess around will all these new toys I now know about. It wasn’t difficult but very helpful and I hope for find good time to get started on the MIDI assignment. Thank you.”

I worked with my mentor hand in hand

“I worked with my mentor hand in hand on this chapter. My experience was positive as usual. The basic electronic chapter was very helpful in learning about the current power usage in an out voltage which is necessary when connecting equipment.”

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