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May 18, 2013 Student Quotes

Real Sessions, Real Musicians

“I also sat in on a cool recording session. There was a younger musician who came in to lay down a vocal track. He brought in a lot of people for this session. There were a few extra engineers and producers that helped the session. There were also a few people that did the camera and the light for a music video. I definitely enjoyed it and look forward to many more sessions.”

The fastest way to learn audio engineering in on the job.

"EQ'ing was awesome. So many possibilities. ProTools is an amazing tool. Currently at the studio where I’m externing, I’m training on waves plug ins, but I’m also training on Focusrite plug ins at home. This week I learn about Compression, and I’m already doing some studying at home. This should be fun!"

Challenge yourself!

“This week was the toughest week so far. Both times I was in the studio we had a string quartet come in to record. They had a cello, 2 violins, and a viola. The hardest part of this was setting up all of the microphones for all four of them. Each musician had two microphones on their instrument along with three other room microphones to capture the sound of the room. In the end we had eleven different microphones. I took in and wrote down as much as I could about placement of the microphones to the pre-amps and compressor settings. The second day with the quartet was definitely a lot easier. We took pictures of the setup of the microphones so that on day two we knew where they all had to go. We also saved the track sheet that showed the signal flow from the microphones into the console. Setting up on Monday took us about two hours to get everything perfect. On Tuesday we had it nailed down to just under an hour. This was definitely the most informative week as of yet!”

May 11, 2013 Student Quotes

Have fun as you learn!

“So far I am very happy with the program and working with my mentor. I have not once found myself not wanting to be there which is a very good sign for the future.”

Real Sessions, Real Experience

“The great part about today’s session was that I got to learn some things that cannot be read in a textbook. I got to be in a professional environment – and I had fun being there. What a great experience to have this early on in the program.”

Personalized advice from your mentor.

“Lesson eight was super helpful, I really was looking into how to mic instruments and this actually went into more detail on how to do it. Also, my mentor and I spoke about my goals, which are to own my own studio and open a record label. He gave me advice about the record label and reassured me if I have questions about anything or need equipment for me to ask him about it.”

The best way to learn audio engineering is at a real recording studio.

"All throughout my academic career (until now anyway) I have had a tough time keeping my focus and attention on the teacher and the things I was supposed to be studying. Having this interest in what I'm learning and how it affects me, has given my ambition ammunition."

Observe real recording sessions with famous artists.

“This lesson dealt with reverb and delay. I enjoyed this lesson because it is the bread and butter for hip-hop vocal mixing, which is my strong suit. I sat in on a singer session that went well with the lesson as well. I am learning a lot with these sessions and I love being able to put the knowledge to use at home.”

Learn from the pros.

“For this lesson we went over everything that has to do with the console. All the aspects of it; the inputs, outputs, channels, etc. My mentor explained everything very well and I had a thorough understanding of the console after his explaining. He’s the man!”

Your mentor will personally guide you through the curriculum.

"I have been in the Recording Connection program for about a month now. I am learning a lot and eager to learn more. At first I was a bit overwhelmed. Everything seemed extremely complicated, and there was some math involved which is not my strong suit. However, my mentor Joey Heier has a way of explaining things that make it very easy to understand."

Build your confidence as you learn the profession.

“This week I’ll be getting into EQ-ing, this should be fun. I’m already doing some extra studying on EQ-ing at home. I’m so glad I found out about the Recording Connection!”

Learn by doing.

“This week I had the chance to sit in on a session with someone in the process of getting an album together to be released in the summer. The room was already set up for her when I arrived so I watched as my mentor set up the session and he instructed me on how tracks are started, duplicated and saved with the command controls. Then, we switched seats and I was sitting in front of the control board. It took me a little bit of time to catch on but once I figured it out I was re-taking a track, duplicating and saving. The end result was a very well harmonized Interlude and I gained a lot of knowledge dealing with the manipulation of Pro-Tools.”

Work with real musicians.

"Watching the studio musicians today was really cool. They got their chord charts and some vague (to me) sounding instructions, and off they went. Amazing. The musicians were set up next to each other, facing the control room, with cathedral-looking individual mikes. Pretty simple! After the studio musicians left, my mentor played the guitar tracks, which sounded like ambient, dreamy car horn keyboards, it was crazy! Then he messed around some more and got a completely different sound: high little ringing bells, with a nice pinging delay. Beautiful and atmospheric."

Form industry relationships as you learn.

“What surprised me the most was how effortless it felt, it was just second nature. I would go to
the studio around 3pm and leave around 8 am and be the last one left in the building. The music
industry really has endless hours and it takes a lot of time, dedication, and sacrifice in order to
reach your full potential. The studio life is like a family its a lot about relationships, bonding,
laughs, making artist feel comfortable but at the same time remaining professional. Now that the
program is over I want to branch out to producing!”

May 4, 2013 Student Quotes

Your mentor will help you understand the curriculum.

“I like working with my mentor, he is extremely informative and there is a lot to be learned from him. I also appreciate how he provides me with a visual of almost everything he teaches me it helps me to remember often. I’m much more a visual learner in the sense that I need to see something done or do it myself before it really clicks with me.”

Build connections as you learn.

"Only 3 weeks in the studio and I have not stopped making new connections and watching my network of other talented artists and producers grow. I have DJ gigs lined up and I currently working with a local rock band running lights and DJing live sets. The studio is an environment that I wish I was in a long time ago. It is easy to learn and have fun doing what you already love."

One on one learning.

“This day at the studio was very informative. We talked about how to make things run smoothly with clients and how to stay organized through all the chaos that can be happening around the studio.”

Learn by doing.

“I went into the studio expecting good things, and good things did come out of it! We spent about 2 hours the last day I was there learning the basic functions of Logic, which I dove right into. I’m excited for the next learning session, I learn from example and my mentor shows a lot of good examples which should keep me ahead of the game in terms of my Learning Curve. I’m looking forward to the weeks ahead.”

Learn mixing and mastering as you work on real projects.

“Today, we went over 5.1 surround sound, before today, surround sound wasn’t the most interesting subject to but after today I got a better perspective on it and it’s really quite interesting. I never knew that it was used in TV, I thought it was used only in home theatres. I also got a chance to do some more mixing on the track I’ve working on and I met a wonderful individual from France, who introduced me to some amazing plugins that I’ve never heard of and they do amazing thing to your mix.”

The best way to learn music producing is at a real recording studio.

"So after finishing my third week at the studio, I can now say that I am completely comfortable with the surroundings, methods, and rules of this studio. Everyone from my mentors to the owners of the studio have been beyond helpful and friendly. This week's lesson was an amazing insight into digital recording and how the entire process works. I never thought about how much goes on between the microphone and the console, but this lesson completely opened my eyes. It answered a lot of questions that I've had about digital signals, bit rate, and sampling rate. Each week working at the studio just adds to my passion for music and learning the recording industry. I want to learn more after every lesson that I find myself struggling to even think of questions. So many thoughts and questions run through my head that I can't get them all out. Over time though, I know that everything will be answered for me and I will have the full knowledge I need to get my career in the recording industry started!"

Learn hands on at your mentor’s studio.

"My mentor gave each of us a chance to get behind the board and do some mixing of our own. That was especially fun for me. With each session, I feel more and more useful around the studio. Also, my mentor has a real nice quality of assuring me with confidence."

Work with real artists.

I was at the studio to sit in on the recording of a local singer-songwriter's next album, which was really exciting. I got to see drums and upright bass recorded, and when they broke for lunch I helped break down all the mikes. We then set up for the singer to do the piano for 3 songs. It was really interesting being in the control room listening to how the producer spoke to the musicians to get them to do what he wanted."

April 27, 2013 Student Quotes

Work with one-on-one with your mentor.

"My mentor and I have been working with ProTools, showing me a bunch of different things and getting me familiar with the setup. I learned about playlists and how to bounce the song. In the session I got some good workflow tips watching my mentor record vocals. Overall it was a great week!"

Learn by doing.

“Man. Where has the time gone!? I’ve been super busy with all these lessons and loving it. Doing a lot of home research on different products. Just having a great time learning all this.”

Real Sessions, Real Musicians

“I was pleased that my mentor thought of me when he was helping with the video shoot. Getting to sit on and observe how things are done with sound, lights, and video was a great experience. What made it even better is that everyone was on the same page when they came together and things ran smoothly.”

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