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November 9, 2013 Student Quotes

Your mentor’s studio will be your 2nd home.

“I’m feeling more comfortable in the studio now. Before, I felt like an outsider looking in. I’m now feeling more at home, like I belong there. I think part of it is because my mentor is such a great teacher. He does his best to explain things in a way that I can understand, and he makes it a point to try to make me think about WHY things are the way they are, as opposed to just telling me how things are.”

If you learn hands-on, this program is a great match for you.

“My mentor is an awesome guy and really knows his stuff. His style of teaching feels like it was tailor made for me. He is very relaxed and feels the important part isn’t “good grades,” but rather making sure you actually learn. I appreciate that down to earth approach.”

November 2, 2013 Student Quotes

Your mentor will prepare you for your future.

“Today, I met with my mentor to go over Lesson 19. We went over the questions and answers, discussed more about the final project for Lesson 20, he taught me some more things about mixing, and touched based a little on mastering. Afterwards, we both went downstairs and watched one of the other engineers that works there do some automation on a song. It was a great class today at the studio.”

Learn in world-class studios where artists like John Mayer and Eminem have recorded.

“I am very excited to go into the studio this week. My mentor gave me a quick tour last time, showing me all the microphones, amps, guitars and piano, all amazing. It really was a great experience to be in the same studio as John Mayer, James Taylor and Eminem. I hope to learn a lot by being in such a highly professional setting to be learning digital audio.”

Gain a professional’s understanding of the music business.

“I’ve learned so much already. My mentor is the greatest. We’ve been learning connectivity. He’s shown me where why and how cables work. The last few weeks we have discussed not only the book work but the business of music. Which I personally feel will help me when I’m certified.”

Learn signal flow by working with a real patch bay.

“We went over how to set up a session and how to set up a patch bay for that session. At first I was a little hesitant towards the patch bay because I didn’t fully understand it yet. As we created the session sheet it started to fall into place. My mentor did the first couple patches and I did the next 16. I was surprised about how easy it was. It all flows together in a pretty simple way. It looks overwhelming but as I started to put the pieces together I figured it out. I ended up getting every connection right, it felt good.”

The experience you gain on the job is priceless.

“This was a great opportunity for me to see the audio engineering process from step 1. Preparing the room, setting up pro tools, meeting the client, setting up the right instrument mics and channeling them into the system. Not to mention my involvement in the production of the album! The client needed bass on one of his songs and tried doing it himself but couldn’t quite figure out the right notes to play with his off-guitar rhythms. A collaborator gave it a shot and got the notes right but couldn’t get the time signature right. After about 45 minutes of trying I finally offered to take a stab at it and sure enough after having to listen to the track a few times I got the part right and even threw some fills in here and there to add some color. There aren’t many feelings like making a musicians day by making the sound in his head come to life. I look forward to the day I get to download this song online and listen to the bass and say ‘that’s me!'”

Learn through demonstration.

“What I really liked about this chapter was my mentor’s ability to quickly give a demonstration. I asked him about the pounding sound you sometimes get with harsh consonants such as “P,” “B,” or even heavy “D.” He simply grabbed the microphones, went out to the recording room, told me what to click, and recited “Peter Piper”. He was not only able to show me the simple yet powerful use of a pop filter, but also helped me to understand the pick-up patterns.”

Use your mentor’s studio to your advantage.

“My mentor let me hang out a little while longer and I got to play on the studio’s vintage Klemt Echolette M100 guitar amp with my Les Paul. It sounded awesome. Also, a couple other people who were further into the course were there as I finished up playing my guitar and I tagged along looking at the studio’s microphone collection and got to lay my eyes on a vintage Neumann U47 (FET) mic for the first time in person! I can’t wait to set it up and record with it!”

Take Your Skills to the Next Level

“I can’t wait for my next lesson with Mark. I can already feel that enrolling in The Recording Connection is one of the most beneficial learning experiences that I’ll have in my lifetime. Being a self-taught musician and music producer, I’ve felt like I was lacking a certain structure and technical knowledge base that The Recording Connection is providing. I’m ready to take my skills and my knowledge to the next level.”

October 26, 2013 Student Quotes

Observe and Learn

“I sat in on a session with some amazing artists. I learned a lot from my mentor and also got some valuable input from some of the artists. It was great to see how everything works live in person. I look forward to the next time I get to sit in and observe all the work and effort it takes to make music.”

Run real recording sessions with your mentor.

“I’ve had some awesome experiences with my mentor lately. I was able to multi track at the studio for a corperate client. Also, from now on I get to work Sunday mornings running sound for the youth group. Such a great experience!!”

Record your own music at your mentor’s studio.

“Yesterday at the studio was so awesome! I brought my friend in and we recorded guitar and vocals. My mentor was in the control room helping me with the process and using the mixer for the first thirty minutes of the session. Then, the next hour and a half, I did everything myself!”

Learn the technical aspects of recording as you work with professional studio equipment

“The biggest thing on my mind is microphones! I’ve gotten most of the way through researching all the mics they have in the studio. I’m going above and beyond and I’m making a spread sheet of every mic and a number of its key characteristics: Frequency response, transducer type, pattern, impedance, sensitivity, max SPL, cost, and general use. It’s really cool to get a general idea of what all these different companies and mics are all about! I’m also downloading all the spec sheets for every mic. I’ll present this package to the studio whether they want it or not. They may find a use for it all someday. I love nerdy stuff like this.

Learning more in depth how all the different cables work and why they are the way they are is cool. I’ve been around all these cables for two decades and understand what and why, but never fully how, until now. I love the science aspects to everything”

Real Sessions, Real Musicians.

“Once the vocalist got there and we started recording, well…. All I can say is, we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. She sang beautifully and she did a pretty good job in the studio. It’s awesome that I can experience these types of real world occurrences in a real studio while I’m still a student. So far I am really enjoying this program!”

The fastest way to learn is to shadow a professional.

“No day is a boring day at the studio with my mentor. You know something big is coming when he says ‘I’m gonna blow your mind.’ He is always grabbing all sorts of older and newer equipment to use as demonstrations for the lessons. I really like that he goes over the information!”

Learn hands-on at a real recording studio.

“After my first week of the recording program at the studio, I am excited to see the results of this hands-on experience. It seems that there is work and knowledge ahead of me. There are many things to learn and this is a very respectable facility to be to be maintained. Not only is the studio an incredibly creative environment, but it is an efficient and profitable business. My time spent there has only begun and I look forward to what is ahead.”

October 19, 2013 Student Quotes

Amazing interactive curriculum.

“The online textbook is excellent, with samples and examples of nearly every topic covered. Difficult concepts are clearly explained without the condescending tone found in many collegiate-level texts, and their relation to practical recording is explicit. This is great!”

Challenge Yourself.

“My first lesson with my mentor went really well. We had a great first lesson and talked all about music from the analog world to digital and mixing the two together. I have to say I was a little nervous but now I feel ready to really take on the challenge. With bands like Korn recording in the main studio while I’m working in the other makes me feel like I am on the right path.”

Learn the fundamentals as you extern.

“Just the first section blew my mind. There are so many technical details to things we can’t even see! I learned so much about Analog to Digital converters and then the Digital to Analog converters and how sometimes these come into effect more than once within a session.”

Observe how professionals use their studio time.

“This week was something special. I was given the opportunity to engineer a recording session. We were recording a couple songs for a company who publishes music for TV channels. It was a great first experience for recording a vocalist because she was very professional and there weren’t too many issues that arose.”

Improve your technique with hands-on instruction in Pro Tools.

“I’ve been playing with the plug-ins and doing some simple recording in Pro Tools to get the basics down. I can do basic commands, but I’m still adapting. Before long I will be fluid with my work space. My mentor and I have also set up a custom template for my personal recording needs. I’m very excited to finally have access to recording capabilities.”

Experience how audio is recorded for the movies you watch.

“It was cool to see how foley work is done. We also set up a microphone in the studio and recorded my mentor’s footsteps walking in the spot and picking up an apple box. This was basic foley work and was cool to see and do. I got a feel of what an artist and engineer does when it comes to foley work.”

Learn how to record and produce for a variety of genres.

“My first day at the studio was great! My mentor had a hip-hop artist in for a session the whole time I was there so I got to watch the process of recording and mixing. I learned a lot about the genre and how to mix it to an individual artist needs.”

You can’t get this in a crowded classroom.

“I got to record drum and cymbal parts for sections of songs and that was very cool to experience the other side of the recording process as well! I finally got my hands on a Pro Tools and my mentor let me record him playing some guitar parts. I learned how to use the ‘quick punch’ technique during this time as well. All-in-all this was a very interesting and knowledge-filled week!

We had a nice change of pace at the studio this weekend. Ten or so elementary school teachers came in to record a cover song and music video for their students. I thought this was very cool and I was honored to be a part of it, because I remember how much music impacted me at that age. It’s very humbling knowing I’m choosing a path that allows me to pass on that torch to other young children.”

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