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November 30, 2013 Student Quotes

Learn one-on-one from your mentor.

“When I first walked into the studio, first thing I said ‘I’m in music heaven.’ I learned a lot in just one day things I didn’t even know in sound and hearing. This is just a start I have more to come and more to learn.”

Have fun as you learn!

“I spent my second day in the studio last Thursday. It’s been great working with my mentor. He is a really cool guy. I watched as my mentor reproduced a synthesis drum set from scratch, which was pretty amazing. In doing this, I learned a lot about different plug-ins and how they can manipulate sound such as limiters, eqs, and overusing noise reducers. I can tell this will be lots of fun!”

You can’t get this experience from a traditional classroom.

“My first night in the studio was very exciting and kind of weird because I never thought I would be in an actual working studio. It looked exactly how I imagined it. When we first went in I learned about the mic plug-ins and the different processes.

My second session in the studio was even better. We had an actual artist come in and record his music. It was cool to see my mentor in action. I like to see how the artist prefers his music to be recorded. For example, stacking his vocals to make it sound ‘fuller.’ It was just a great experience hope to be able to do that one day on my own. This is truly my dream.”

Learn audio engineering as you participate in recording sessions with local artists.

“A band was in last weekend and I got to sit in and help the whole three days they were at the studio. I helped track drums, guitars and bass. I’m starting to learn how to patch things myself and set up various mics by myself. I set up a whole drum set, mics and ran the lines for a session coming in while my mentor was editing something for a different session. I’m starting to learn how to act in a studio and to present myself as an assistant. Overall, things are going great and I’m learning a lot.”

November 23, 2013 Student Quotes

Work with industry-standard equipment at your mentor’s world class recording studio.

“Mark also showed us the wide variety of other microphones that are available for use at Fastback Studios. Everything from dynamic microphones, like the multi-purpose Shure SM-57, to the Neumann U87 and its newer counterpart, the U87Ai, and everything in between. I’m really grateful to have the ability to see and work with all of these different microphones firsthand. I am forever in awe with Fastback Studios and the equipment available for use there.”

If you learn hands on, you’re in the right place.

Today was a very hands-on learning day. My mentor put me in the main chair and let me EQ the tracks, do the notch filtering and taught me about setting locations every time the song changes. It is helpful to be organized and professional. We also went over bussing tracks to better my organization skills. Second chapter was very interesting and I better understand electricity in relation to sound and music. I like how the curriculum teaches the science of music. I like science so this was enjoyable to read. Can’t wait for next week.

Achieve your goals with your mentor’s guidance.

“This was a great chapter. I’ve been learning a lot through hands on work in the studio I’ve been working in and it’s a great environment to be in. My mentor is doing a great job and runs a nice establishment. My goal for next week is to be able to successfully record an artist by myself!”

Use your mentor’s world-class recording studio to your advantage.

“Everything is going well with the book as well as the studio. I might be bringing a singer I know into the studio to record a song I made the music and wrote the lyrics for in a couple of weeks. It’s going to be good to get my hands on being a sound engineer practically rather than listening and watching what is happening around me with the people in the studio. I definitely think doing this is going to benefit me in a way that I’m thankful for.”

Start your recording career now.

“Well this is the most fun course ever. Music reigns supreme. Smile a little and tap your toes folks. My band will have and album out by June of 2014. Straight up Madness, I’d like to believe in!”

Gain a deeper understanding of studio design

“After reading this chapter I came to realize that all the wires in a studio mean a lot. I now have a clearer understanding on what to set up in a studio that will make my sound clearer and more precise. After reading this chapter, I also noticed that XLR and TRS cables are the most commonly used wires that I been using in my personal studio. Now that, I am aware of the functionality of different wires I can now expand my studio and make it a more efficient work place.”

Learn the essential tools of the trade.

“I think the plug-in lesson was the most interesting. The different variations of tools that you can use are what makes audio engineering is so great. Building your own unique workflow is what separates you as an individual in this business.”

Get your hands dirty as you work with real studio equipment.

“I can’t wait to actually get to the point of learning about compressors, EQs, and getting to use the nice outboard compressors, EQs and other effects by patching the audio to them in the patch bay! The course is still very interesting and I am definitely learning a lot so far! The next lesson should be a little fun since I can finally touch the nice mics I have always dreamed about seeing/ using in person. The lesson on mic placement should be even more exciting! I can hardly wait!”

Record your own music at your mentor’s studio.

I have been learning so much. My mentor is an inspiration. Soon I will be recording my own album at playground studios. I have no doubt this is going to be a great experience.

Connections are everything in the music industry.

“What sold me was the way in which the curriculum was taught; one on one in a real recording studio. After I saw that, it was a wrap because connections are everything in the music industry. My plan is to spend half of the six months of the course here in Little Rock, and the other half somewhere where I have made a connection with someone in the industry to help further my career. I’ve always dreamed big and in my eyes, nothing is impossible. Already I have talked to plenty of people whom I never would have thought I could! I’ve set up plenty of promoters to be ready when I send them a body of work to promote. All that’s left is to learn and make music!”

November 16, 2013 Student Quotes

Learn on the job.

“I’m learning a lot and really like my mentor. I find the professional vibe in the room very helpful in keeping me focused.”

Become a professional.

“It is amazing how much my vocabulary and engineering conversation as changed in the past month! I even come up with questions about things I do not understand and in one simple explanation, it all makes perfect sense. I am really enjoying the organization of everything and how there is so much I can do in the studio!”

Receive personalized instruction from a seasoned professional.

“I just finished Chapter 1 a few days ago and my training at the studio was incredible. We spent some time reviewing the content of the chapter and then branched out into all aspects of recording from EQ settings, plug-in usage and mic choices. After all this we hung out at the studio just talking about music, stories of the studio and also from our own musical backgrounds. Looking forward to my next chance to be in the studio.”

Experience how professionals use their studio time.

“Overall, I’m really grateful for the chance to sit in on my mentor and his client’s session. I feel like I’ve taken a lot from it and it was really good to see some of the more theoretical elements of music recording being put into a real world application. I can’t wait for the next time that I get to observe another session at the studio!”

Work with artists of various genres.

“My mentor allowed me to sit in on a tracking/ mixing session with an R&B/Hip-Hop artist. It was really interesting to see their process of working together. I paid attention to how Joe organized his pro-tools session, which was in a way I hadn’t seen before but it made sense. Watching him, it seemed a lot easier than the way I had previously been taught.”

Get a tour of a real recording studio on your first day.

“This was my first real experience where I had to tour a professional studio, even though I’m a recording artist and have been to a lot of studios, I have never had the opportunity to do a detailed tour. I also had the opportunity to sit in the control room with my mentor as he asked one of the band members to do a warm up.”

Apply what you learn to your own projects.

“This chapter taught me a lot about mixing and getting me prepared for it. I had a lot of fun at my last couple sessions with my mentor. We hooked my friend up to a microphone and I got to put in the fade in and fade outs and it came out great. I feel a lot more prepared going into mixing now and I’m excited for this new project I have.”

November 9, 2013 Student Quotes

Your mentor will personally guide you through the curriculum.

“My mentor went over the whole lesson and simplified things so I would understand them better. This helps a lot. He also showed me a video about Pink Floyd, and how they created the song “Money”. That was an eye opener because they didn’t have the technology we have today.”

Learn by example with our interactive curriculum.

“I’ve never read a whole chapter electronically for any subject before so that was kind of a new experience. I really enjoy the video examples, the authors really tried to accommodate all learning types and I thank them for that.”

The fastest way to learn is on the job.

“The past couple weeks have been filled with a lot to learn and helping with drum and microphone set up. In the books we went through digital audio, electricity, and patch bays. I finally understand fully what a patch bay is for and it makes so much sense now! I’m sitting in on a lot of sessions and it sounds like there’s more to come up. Today I got to sit on the board and do a little mixing too and get my hands on experience. I’m excited to learn more!”

Connect with local artists as you extern.

“After setting up, we saw how recording a drum track was done. It was the very first time I had seen a drum session and it was pretty cool. After that session I felt pretty good because I had helped get the session up and running and I left with more connections than when I went in. In my opinion, it was a successful day.”

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