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September 12, 2015 Student Quotes

I’m thoroughly enjoying this experience as well as the course material

“It has been a while since my last blog entry as I wanted to sum up the past few sessions in one entry. My last 4-5 sessions with my mentor Dick Orr have been very interesting and for lack of a better word Awesome. Combined with the material in chapter 10 I’ve also been working on my music project, laying down some multiple guitar parts and preparation to lay down some vocal tracks next week. I would say the the past 2 weeks were also dedicated to reviewing the material for the midterm as well as showing my mentor the sinewave project and discussing various situations I may run into with future projects. I was also fortunate to be able to sit in on a voice over session my mentor was working on with a regular client. Being able to hear a professional voice actor was such a cool experience especially how the client directs the talent. The key lesson I learned from that particular session was that patience will be key when working with clients. It was very cool to watch the voice over talent adjust his approach to the changes made to the script at that very moment. It was great to see my mentor at work giving helpful advice and just keeping things running smoothly. It was definitely one of my favorite studio sessions. I’ve also started learning to play the piano to enhance my own musical ability which will definitely come in handy when working with musicians, in that I will have a better understanding of what they are working towards and if a problem arises I will be able to troubleshoot more effectively. So needless to say these past few sessions with my mentor have been eye opening and very exciting. I’m thoroughly enjoying this experience as well as the course material, it’s just getting more and more interesting and I’m pumped for the upcoming mix theory chapter.”

Mixing continues!

“I’ve been learning so much from recording connection that my mixes have improved tremendously! I’m even working on an album with one of my friends and have a couple of tracks that he sent me so I can practice and have fun! Devon has really helped me out a lot and has been making sure that my mixes stay on point. I’m so grateful that I’m just not another producer another but that I am also becoming an audio engineer. Which means that whatever I produce, I can take it to a whole other level with mixing. Since being a producer and audio engineer are 2 different worlds. But still, super excited on being part of the album and working with people in the industry!”

Beginning of school!

“So this week I enjoyed my first two days of college inside Virlouise Studios with my mentor Bill Davidow. I went on Monday Sept. 7th and Wednesday Sept. 9th from 10AM to 5:30 pm. The first 3 hours we went over the curriculum and reviewed what I needed to know about hearing and waves. It was extremely intriguing and I understood it fairly well. After the curriculum was done one of Bill’s Client’s Rendell Young came over to work on re-editing one of his songs. Communication was a key role here because Rendell had an idea in his head of what he wanted the sing to sound like and he had to explain to Bill what he wanted to do. Rendell decided to approach this project by recording note for note and beat for beat the entire song which made things simpler yet complicated. Something I noticed about him was his perfectionist attitude. He tuned before he played every note and made sure that the note wasn’t buzzy in any way and was a pure as possible to keep it in the mix. While shadowing them I observed them working with Pro Tools 10 HD, a Fender J-Bass guitar, an Avalon VT 737SP, Adams S3A monitors and a mac pro computer. It was amazing to see just how professional they worked and how everything needed to be perfect. The next day I was able to experience the type of people to avoid working with. A client came in to pick up his master CD of a live performance that was mixed and edited by Bill but the client had told him something different than what he wanted in the past. He then told Bill “You’re just the engineer and I’m the producer” even though this client never produced a record whereas Bill does this for a living. This experience gave me some insight on the good and bad side of audio engineering and how to best deal with people in this situation. It was definitely a learning experience. I look forward to what the next week has in store for my education and experience!”

Fluidity and Flexibility

“My midterm test for this course is coming up very soon, and I’m making sure not to underestimate or overlook any past material! Fortunately, the writing style of this e-book flows well, and it’s easy to stay on track. Between my latest chapter reviews, I researched the subjects that I really sought to go in-depth with, and the searches were more focused because of my Recording Connection studies. In contrast, my mentor was just telling me about how surprised he was after encountering a few students, from other schools, who had never gained a full understanding of the fundamentals of studio equipment or practices. This week he has left me with another valuable piece of advice: “Take care to build that solid foundation of knowledge, so that the pertinent information is concrete, and always at the ready.”

Lesson and Q&A w/Joe

“This week’s lesson was about Plugins & Processing. Very informative course which will be very useful in learning Pro Tools. He explained to me the way set up Inserts and Aux inputs and apply them to the Sends. He also gave me 5 key steps in doing so. I will be doing mad practice on this program until i get it down to a T. After the lesson, I got a chance to sit in on a recording session with Rec. Connection graduate Fabian.”

Being in this school is helping me become better at what I do.

“Showing me the insides of the industry which truly benefits for business. I have learned but so much so far and is really excited move up and forward with music. I’ve bin learning the basic and knowing way more about social media then before. This gives me a chance at success in life to achieve greatness with help only if i take an opportunity of what’s given. Everything is so ironic because stuff is really starting to make sense and fall right in to place. The transfer of music is made possible through so many different parts of equipment and vibrations. Great to finally understand!”

This chapter will be really helpful for future studio work

“This week was really cool because I learned a lot about functions that I already use in Bruce’s studio! Assisting in sessions is such a huge help when it comes to understanding Pro Tools. This chapter will be really helpful for future studio work throughout this program.”

It has been an interesting month.

“Finally have my first session with my mentor on Thursday. I’m really excited about that. I finished chapter 1 and I will say it was really educational for me. It has helped me with my production as far as sound and frequency. I am listening to my tracks differently now and learning to play with the levels of bass and kick.”

Learning at my own pace

“On this continual learning journey and experience just being in house studios has afforded me the opportunity to sit in live recording sessions with both underground and mainstream artist from various genres of music. Jake, my Mentor/engineer is allows me the flexibility to learn at my own pace while still providing inputs to better facilitate my growth and learning -stay tuned.”

September 5, 2015 Student Quotes

it actually turned out to be a bit more challenging than I expected.

“Having a good bit of experience with DAWs I thought I would breeze through the sinewave assignment, but it actually turned out to be a bit more challenging than I expected. It forced me to get used to the Pro Tools interface in a way that I hadn’t before, and it really got me thinking intuitively about how I could make a song with just a single sine wave. I ended up duplicating the sine wave a ton so that it filled up about 15 seconds, and then copying it onto 4 different tracks so I could create some polyphony with the pitch shift plugin, which I’d also never used before. I extended each part out so they came in staggered and exited staggered, with each track effected a bit differently. I then applied some fade-ins and fade-outs as well as reverb to create smooth transitions. The whole of the piece is short, sweet and ethereal though not all that crazy. It was definitely a good experience for me to start getting used to the key commands and the interface as a whole, especially in terms of differentiating it between Logic and Ableton.”

Friday was my first class ever at Blast off Productions with Joe, and it went perfect!

“Joe is good at breaking down big terminology and making it all understandable with examples that help even more. Being in a actual studio works out better because there is no way you can get bored or distracted. I was learning the fundamental science behind engineering from an industry professional with all the equipment in the world. Not only is it inspiring but I don’t feel the obligation of having to go to “School” versus going to the studio. All the A class music artist you can name have recorded there from the old to the new generation and that alone talks for itself. This Tuesday will be my second class with Joe and he mentioned us getting a bit more hands on so its definitely something I’m looking forward to!”

August 29, 2015 Student Quotes

Learning about microphones was pretty sweet.

“Now I know why people still tap the microphone to see if it’s still on. Not that they need to, we have surely progressed since the carbon microphone. Another interesting thing was to see how some microphones developed and how some stayed the same. I was watching a show where someone was using a Shure SM 57 and I [excitedly] pointed it out. It’s an accomplishing feeling being able to apply what I’m learning into more daily actions. My goal this week is to record a few different talk-shows and name the microphones that they are using.”

I scored 100 percent on all section reviews!

“Today I completed my reading, section reviews and chapter 1 quiz. I scored 100 percent on all section reviews which resulted in 100 percent score on Chapter quiz. It has been a very good day. I’ve learned a number things about sound and how the body perceives sound. This chapter helped me better understand what will be required of me as an audio engineer and how important my knowledge of how sound works and my ears are to my craft. This chapter has been beneficial.”

For day one, that was awesome.

“Day one brought me to a new level of understanding in studio life (as I expect everyday will). It was so thrilling just to be in a music making environment with the producers and clients. The lessons are starting off very slow, meaning I hope to be fed information much faster in upcoming lessons. But for day one, that was awesome.”

I found myself going back to mixing my music project

“This lesson taught me a lot about compression and like othes chapters this also gave history to the progression of different compressors that led to where we are today. And like other chapters I found myself going back to mixing my music project to see where I would apply compression and what sounds good. This week I was able to sit in on another session where I met another RC student who was learning from the same studio as I am. The client came in with two tracks and couldn’t quite make up his mind as to which song to create so he let Joe from Miller Street Studios decide. He (the client) talked about how long he’s been seriously pursuing music and how expensive it is a well. When I created music in the past it was for recreational purposes so I never looked at the financial aspect of going professional. I even played one of the songs I produced off of my phone that seemed to impress Joe.”

I’m really enjoying myself! :)

“This week at the studio, we went over balancing music. I was able to balance a song myself and it turned out pretty nice! My mentor taught me how to edit with Pro Tools, and we went over mic placement some more. It’s incredible how much a of a difference mic placement makes to a recording. Correct mic placement can save hours of editing, and I find that cool. I’m really enjoying myself! :)”

August 15, 2015 Student Quotes

I cant wait until my next lesson

“My first lesson with my mentor K.E.V was amazing. We worked together on a new beat and it was a pretty cool track. He taught me how to take different instruments and separate them to work with each one. I cant wait until my next lesson and working with some more awesome equipment!”

Looking forward to every chapter to come!

“I was really surprised at how quickly I was able to grasp these topics about electricity. I am grateful for all the extra information my mentor has been giving me. He has really helped me to understand the practical applications of this knowledge in the studio. So far, I’m still excited and have been looking forward to every chapter to come!”

This week I learned a lot about compression.

“My mentor explained how important this is to make your mix sound that much better. It keeps everything in place like if a vocalist goes really high and low it will keep it all at a consistent level so it doesn’t sound all over the place. He got into really good detail on how it works with the threshold, attack, release, and ratio. I also learned a cool trick on pro tools where if there a popping noise you can re draw the wave to fix the unwanted pop. My mentor was also moving some of his equipment around so I was able to see exactly how everything was set up and why it was set up the way it was. This was a really good learning week because I always have known about compression, but now I know exactly why and how it is used.”

Learning about the different cables and connectors was pretty interesting

“I actually got a break down of each cable and connector, what they are mainly used for and how they are wired. In the studio Thomas showed me a few of them and explained how some connectors have balanced and others have unbalanced connections. The balanced connection consists of three components which are hot, cold, and ground; these can travel at a further distance and sounds better then a unbalanced connection because unbalanced has two components: hot and ground. This chapter also showed examples of patch bays, explained the purpose for them and what cables are plugged into them. I was happy to finish this chapter, it was good to learn about the basics but it will be interesting to get started on learning about the mics and how to mic up an instrument properly or what mic will be better for certain situations.”

Chapter Three: Digital Audio

“What a week, chapter three was INTENSE! The process of sampling and quantizing and how a device automatically goes through this process, using the Nyquist Theorem, is quite amazing. Learning about the history of past recorders, seeing how the have progressed and improved was also really cool to see.”

Tracking! Wow!

“It seems to be the most important part of recording. If you don’t track things well, there is only so much you can do in post to try and ‘fix’ any issues that arise. I learned a lot about what types of questions you need to ask yourself before the initial recording starts to ensure that the session goes smoothly, and sounds great. I can’t wait to put what I learned into practice and try it out with real equipment.”

It was really neat how it all came together.

This week at the studio I got to watch an electric guitar being recorded. One of the mics we used was a Royer 121. It was really neat how it all came together. I got to study microphones a little bit more. We went over metering, and also how to record at the perfect volume. Really cool!”

Another very important chapter

“Another very important chapter for me because mixing is a big part of what I want to do in the music field. This chapter really clarified what I need to do to be a professional engineer/mixer and how I can achieve that. I wasn’t 100% aware on how important panning the music is and how big of a difference it can make a song. This assignment for this chapter will be great practice for me and help me learn how to become a master at it.”

August 22, 2015 Student Quotes

This week was even better than the previous.

“I have been learning so much since the start of Recording Connections. This week was chapter four. Chapter four has been all about connectivity. So I found it very amazing to learn and study all of the different types of cables. Both in the digital, and the analog world. And I think the greatest part of the week has been learning the patch bay with my mentor. He has taught me so much already in these past few weeks and I can’t thank him enough. The patch bay was the greatest thing because it is the central area where everything comes together to complete a project. Learning the patch bay for me has been very fun and it is teaching me so much of how the studio works.”

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