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February 22, 2014 Student Quotes

“I’m a little late at writing about the session but had another good one! We talked all about different mics and my mentor got out different microphones and would have me identify them and then talk about what would be the best situation to use those mics in. Also went into the live room and he showed me the different mics used on a drum set and guitars!”

“Today my mentor and I discussed analog circuits both series and parallel, and digital circuits as well as the binary number system values and also alternating current versus direct current. I was shown more elements in Pro Tools including how to eliminate unwanted noise in a recording as well as how to clean up a vocal so that it sounds crisper and clearer. I was also shown how usage of different functions can be used to enhance or bring to the forefront certain sounds or instruments.”

Build a solid foundation of critical recording skills.

“During my second week at the studio I had my first two live sessions. One was a MIDI session and another was a Drum recording session. I took notes on both occasions and took pictures of the proper mic placement of the drum mics. I also learned about patch bays, flow of signal, and pre-amps. I knew what pre-amps do (boost mic level to pro audio level) but I still wasn’t sure 100% how they worked, now it’s completely cleared up and everything is making more sense every week.”

Take your career to the next level.

“I am so excited about everything that is happening through the Recording Connection it is about time to finish this week’s written words and pictures and share to the world with my microphone exactly how I feel!”

February 15, 2014 Student Quotes

Work with music across a wide range of genres.

“It was a very cool week! We learned different techniques for inboard and outboard gear and the subtle differences with the actual sounds. We broke down each instrument. From guitars to drums to background vocals. My mentor had me bring in some music of genres that I don’t normally listen to which included dance, techno, some hip-hop and spice girls. It was a really cool exercise to talk about what we appreciated in the music genre we don’t listen to!”

Learn the essentials for achieving the perfect mix.

“This week’s lesson was very informative. One of the main topics we covered was of different audio formats. I enjoyed the knowledge shared, mostly due to the fact that I didn’t know all of the different formats that lose quality through compression. Before, I would mix down most of my personal projects into MP3, not knowing how much information I was losing. Along with format types, we covered the rates at which certain songs and projects are recorded at. Finding the right balance for any session is highly important. Lastly, I got to check out some recording Mics and help set a couple up. Looking forward to getting more hands on with the equipment within the studio!”

Your mentor will help you understand advanced recording techniques.

“On Friday I had my first session with my mentor. It was pretty awesome! He cleared up what compression means and how it differs from gating. I’ve never been able to understand compression until he taught me the basics. Now I’m in a lot better shape!”

The best way to learn audio is by example.

“Going in at the studio watching people record is fun. But watching my mentor use all the equipment is more fun. We went over how using a guitar amp on bass and electric sound way better than plugging it in to our interface directly. Also he gave me some tips on using the compressor right. Even though we haven’t got into plugins yet but time is coming. Tomorrow we are going to record my buddy on guitar through the amplifier. I can’t wait! This goes with lesson 6 Mic placement so I’m looking forward to this been an exciting month and more to come.”

Study with an interactive curriculum.

“My first 100%! I’m so happy! I got to say though it’s a good thing that I read over the chapter like, three times. I’ll no doubt be reviewing sections to make sure I understand!”

Learn EQ from a professional audio engineer.

“Today my mentor and I worked on EQ. I put low and high pass filters on each track. Then I learned eq sweeping (notch filtering). Swept for bad frequencies and cut them out. Some buzzes on the bass track I could not get rid of, frustrating. Very fun I could have spent hours on 1 track! Can’t wait to get pro-tools so I can practice at home.”

February 8, 2014 Student Quotes

Use your acquired knowledge for your own home studio.

“This lesson was real interesting to me. It gave me a real basic look into how electricity works and how sound travels. This information will really come in handy when I start setting up my studio and wiring my equipment. It will also help me to understand Pro Tools 10 more. I can’t wait to learn more!”

Every great career starts with the basics.

“My mentor is great and I’m excited to continue working with him. At first, looking at all the gear and electronics you’re working with all at the same is a little overwhelming but after the recording session, I can see the basics of how Pro-Tools works and that makes it much easier to understand when we go back over it!”

Step into a world-class recording studio and get your hands dirty.

“This week, I learned one of the most important things I will learn in this course. That behemoth is signal flow. When we first learned about it, it was on a piece of paper that we were told to look over and memorize. I did just that, even though I had no clue as to what I was memorizing. It wasn’t until our lab day, when we all got together and used Glenn’s SSL 9000 to mic a piano, get the analog signal from the mic to be converted to digital, record that signal on Pro Tools, and then be converted back to analog and played back using pads, amps, bussers, and all kinds of signal manipulators that I got a grasp of what signal flow really was. I have to admit, it was pretty cool using all this top of the line technology. I felt like an actual engineer.”

The techniques you pick up here will stay with you your entire career.

“Once again another very informative topic in the world of production. The mic world has a lot to it and as an EDM Producer I would have never guessed so much was involved in such a small device. I’ll be checking out this chapter for a long while past my graduation.”

Learn the tricks of the trade at the studio.

“After learning that one of our condenser mic’s external power source wasn’t on, we all got the chance to send signal from the mics and through the sound board. After adjusting and solo-ing the different signals we then recorded to ProTools. Looking back on all this, it is just a little unreal that I’m able to understand and use all this equipment that was so foreign to me only a month ago.”

Learn how the bands you love achieve their signature sound.

“The first chapter has giving me a new way of understanding music and look at what’s going on when we hear a sound. It’s truly amazing and I am more than thrilled to keep on learning so much more.”

Learn by example from a seasoned engineer.

“The past two sessions with Joey have been really insightful. When we talked about the lesson about electronics, he put into a way that I could relate too. Some concepts of electricity are hard to understand but he made it seem so much easier. The next lesson that we did was great.”

Spend your time in the studio working with real artists.

“With the mixing and recording of bands the past week, my mentor and I haven’t had a lot of time to go over the first chapter. So we met on Tuesday and went over it thoroughly. My mentor made sure I had a complete understanding of the textbook, and I’m glad we did. So far, I am very happy with the program and the mentor who took me on.”

February 1, 2014 Student Quotes

Learn what it takes to make it in the music industry.

“Things have been incredible over the last several months of my time at The Recording Connection. I have gotten experience with engineering, producing, recording, songwriting, marketing, A&R scouting, and studio maintenance. I have learned how to work with people and proper studio etiquette. I would do it again in a heartbeat.”

From Lesson 1, your mentor will personally guide you.

“The first lesson my mentor and I went over was a great first experience for me. We went over every page in the online eBook and discussed examples on pro-tools. I saw how wavelengths determined how we, as humans, interpret that sound we hear. I learned how sine, triangle, square, and saw waves change how that sound is played out. Hertz and decibels will make that sound increase or decrease in pitch and frequency. All in all, my first lesson was a success and I look forward to what lays ahead.”

Discover your career path.

“Yes! 100% on the first chapter review! I’m sure this will be the first of many. It’s amazing how easy it is to concentrate on the learning material when I’m learning something I’m very interested in. In high school, some subjects were hard for me. When I went to college for film production, it got better (more interesting). And now, as I’ve narrowed down my career path to what I’m pretty certain, I want to do for the rest of my life, I’m captivated.”

The best way to learn Pro Tools is through hands-on experience.

“This chapter was very enlightening. I underestimated pro tools. I was unaware of all the commands that are needed to learn. This will take extra time for me to learn. Hands on experience will be the only thing to help me memorize the key commands. With the help of my mentor I will be able to learn all the functions needed to make a successful pro tools session.”

Look forward to the future.

“The first day was a great experience. My mentor was very welcoming and knowledgeable. We talked about the specs of the studio, importance of design, sound and filters. We covered what to expect from this experience as well as talking about music in general. My overall first experience was really great and I look forward to the weeks ahead.”

Recording Connection will help you become successful.

“Another day visiting my mentor and things were popping off at his place. One of the producers who rent space had been called to do the opening score for the upcoming X-MEN movie. So the whole time I was there you could hear him futzing with different elements – it sounded cool

I also had a call with my new advisor Brian Kauppi who was taking over for Dylan. Nice guy and he was patient plus he set me up with some stuff like my virtual instruments that I’ve had trouble downloading. I really appreciate it!”

January 25, 2014 Student Quotes

From fundamentals to advanced audio, this program will make you an expert.

“This chapter was about basic electronics. I’m definitely going to study this chapter a little more in depth! I knew little to nothing about circuits and it’s actually kind of cool to learn about the real basics of electricity.”

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