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April 5, 2014 Student Quotes

Improve your music producing skills.

“I feel like he really maximized the experience I gained by giving me real world application of what I would use and need to succeed on my own. I have seen a large improvement with my skill as a producer which is the reason I chose this program.”

Master the curriculum with the help of a mentor.

“I’ll be honest with you, this is a lot to take in and I was really nerves to start. I didn’t know what to expect for the first lesson but it was just me and him and was really cool. Explained a lot but I still have a lot to learn.”

Embrace new information.

“I liked this chapter! I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and starting to embrace new information. I think it’s cool that we can break down the little things we do every day like listening, hearing, speaking, and manipulating electronics, down to a single molecular entity.”

Your mentor will help you design your dream studio.

“The past couple of classes have been really great. My mentor has been showing me some great things around the studio. I have had a lot of questions about starting my own studio at my house. He’s been giving me great advice about audio interfaces and microphones to get. I have been experimenting with pro tools and trying to setup my home studio to start recording my own music. I can’t wait to sit in on recordings in my mentor’s studio soon!”

Get a free copy of Pro Tools when you enroll in the Recording Connection.

“I just learned the basics of Pro Tools. I also found out that my copy of Pro Tools is going to be here today! I’m getting a mac for Pro Tools specifically so I won’t be able to get into using it for a week or so from now but I’ll get there! And by the way, thanks guys for the Pro Tools!”

Build upon your existing knowledge

“I worked on the MIDI lesson today. It was cool. I’ve been using MIDI for years and have been using it a lot on recent music. It was nice to brush up on it. It’s pretty amazing how much can actually be accomplished through a MIDI keyboard.”

This is only the beginning.

“Electronics! Good thing to know right there. Now I’m thinking I should go back to school to be an electrician or something, so that I could really know how to handle my gear! It’s important to know these things in case I ever need to fix anything, or if something goes wrong with some outboard equipment. Glad I’m getting all this knowledge. Keep it coming!”

Learn industry-standard software from a professional.

“Week two was another great studio experience! After my mentor and I reviewed our curriculum on basic electronics, we opened Pro Tools to go over my various questions on settings. My mentor opened up a session and explained to me everything on the screen from zooming in, to grouping tracks, to grid vs. spot…we went over EVERYTHING!”

I’m excited for what’s to come.

“All in all in lesson one I learned a vast amount about how sound waves travel, how they are measured, and how our ears are designed to let us hear the sounds we hear on a daily basis. I can most defiantly tell that my twenty weeks learning at Recording Connection is going to be fun and I’m excited for what’s to come.”

April 12, 2014 Student Quotes

Understand the technical side of music.

“What a great chapter. I’ve been using 44.1k and 48k sample rate for a while now, and never really understood what it meant. Now I know the importance of good digital converters. Learning all this information and really understanding the basics of the technical side of music will help to make things a lot easier. Cruising through this, loving the knowledge!”

I’m looking forward to these next few months!

“Made a 100! As I vowed I will be determined to try and make 100 on the test I take as well as studying the chapters in my free time. My interning is going good, witnessed many sessions so far and getting the feel of what it’s like to be a music engineer. I’m looking forward to these next few months!”

It’s a long road ahead and I’m ready!

“The Chapter is laid out very well good job for the school the best I have seen for online books. Having my own studio for about a year I hope that what I have learned on my own is the right stuff if not I will learn the right way I’m sure. It’s a long road ahead and I’m ready!”

Learn connectivity as you work with professional studio equipment.

“I have never seen so many connections in my life! If I learn nothing else in this course you can be sure that zI will learn about connections! Especially in audio! We went over the patch bay! Say What? Abel runs the system recorded digital and then mix in analog. All of it! Wow! Again we talked about the Cat5 for the monitors and we looked at the computer connection which was a SCSI. We talked about the proper speaker wire to be used for speakers, and NOT to use patch cords and why. I can certainly see that this is an important topic.”

A challenging interactive curriculum.

“This chapter was a little more challenging than the last two. I didn’t realize there was so much math involved in making music sound great. I had a little trouble with all of the acronyms at first do to there being so many in this chapter but after reading it over a few times and taking some notes I’m sure I will be fine. This is the type of information that needs to be repeated over and over again to let it sink in, otherwise you will forget it. Other than that it was a very interesting and informational chapter going over a lot of very important things.”

This was certainly an eye opener.

“This was certainly an eye opener. I had no idea some of these even compressors even existed. I was always limited to working with digital audio. After working in a studio that was specifically analog, I learned to appreciate it a little bit more. This will also be very beneficial to me as well because my mentor really wants me to get a full understanding of the compression tools because he says that’s a very important part of his work.”

Design your own studio with the help of your mentor.

“Lesson 18 was a very applicable lesson to my current situation. We actually went on the internet and looked at many different ways of controlling the sound of a room using absorbers, diffusers, and traps. We then talked for a good while about both my mixing and recording rooms. We discussed many ways of controlling the sound in both rooms and how instruments and sound would behave in each one.”

Work with artists from every genre.

“Yesterday in the studio a gentleman recorded an acoustic country song to be pitched to a record label in LA to have a female country artist sing. The song was really good and I got to sit in during the session as well as help set up mics. I still have the first few lines of the song stuck in my head.”

Work on a wide range of projects with your mentor.

“My mentor showed me some of the cables he uses which of course was easier to understand because I had an actual visual. He told me a lot about patch bays. He brought me in on Tuesday and I had the chance to help him set up for a voice over for a movie. We set up a dynamic mic I believe over where the actor would be standing to get a clear sound and I got to say it was some good stuff!”

I have a mentor willing to help me out no matter how difficult the task.

“My mentor was great in explaining all scenarios for me and he also simplified what I didn’t clearly understand. The first session showed me that I have a mentor willing to help me out no matter how difficult the task at hand. He also explained that this is just the beginning and I should look forward to more difficult exercises. Overall, I was left with a great impression!”

Learn by Example from a Professional Audio Engineer

“After taking my quiz, my mentor opened up Pro Tools and showed me some cool techniques about looping that I plan on using in my home recording. I’m excited to learn as much as I can so I always appreciate when he asks me to come to the studio with questions that he will answer and explain using examples!”

March 22, 2014 Student Quotes

This is where the technical side and personal creativity come in to play.

“Well, Let me start by saying that I am probably the most excited I’ve ever been so far in this program. Now that this seconds half begins with diving into mixing and applying the techniques myself. To me this is where the technical side and personal creativity come in to play. Since my current assignment is a 4-stage process, I can’t wait to hear the end result. STAY TUNED…”

Your own full version of Pro Tools 11 is included in our tuition.

“After using and watching pro tools record the bands that I had previously been in, I am stoked to receive it and really start to use it on the daily. Everything is starting to come together. Next step is computer and microphone, but I have been writing a lot of songs so I am ready to mess with tones and mic placement. Pretty much practically apply of the things I have been learning online and in the studio. It shouldn’t be long before I have a project posted.”

Most of your time with the course will be spent at the studio!

“My mentor and I reviewed chapter three of the book. He said everything as simple as possible so I could have a full understanding of what we were talking about. I am looking forward to sitting in on sessions and applying what I am learning in the studio. I am also excited about future lessons because there will be even more hands-on learning.”

Apply your knowledge to produce more professional-sounding mixes.

“Mix Theory is the next chapter up in my course and it is definitely the most interested section to me because I am a music producer myself and all of my mixes do not sound remotely good. Very excited for this chapter. I hope it will open my eyes to some things that should have been obvious!”

Experience professional recording sessions with real local artists.

“Today my mentor had a band in so I just observed most of the day. Watched him check drums and use a rather unique way of isolating a bass drum to prevent bleed. He used drumagog so he didn’t want any false hits. Drumagog crashed pro-tools several times so the going was slow. The band seemed ok, enjoying the novelty of working in the studio. Got pro-tools and reason installed, ready for some homework!”

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