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April 26, 2014 Student Quotes

I learned how to mic new instruments that I’ve never seen in person.

“This week was a good week. I got some awesome new things to use in Pro Tools. I also got to work with a folk artist. This is the first time I ever liked folk music and saw how it is recorded and it was a very different experience, in a good way. I learned how to mic new instruments that I’ve never seen in person. It was a great week!”

To be hands on in live recording sessions are a far greater benefit that sitting in the classroom.

“Over the course of the past few weeks I have been blessed enough to be behind the scenes in one of Atlanta’s most premiere studios. Icon Studios Atlanta and its connection with RRF have jumped started my music career in such a way, and I am taken back by it. Over the past weekend I was able to sit in on my first session here. I received more hands on knowledge in four hours than I have in the past four years. No disrespect intended to any former mentors or schooling, but to be hands on in live recording sessions are a far greater benefit that sitting in the classroom.”

Another great session! It’s all starting to come together!

This week’s session was awesome, informative and insightful. My mentor broke down the importance of acoustical room treatments, reflection, absorption and diffusion. I could go on and on…but you had to be there. Another great session! It’s all starting to come together!”

The more practicing I do, the better I’ll feel with using everything available to me.

“Last week’s lesson blends right in with this week’s lesson. Continuing with my current mix, I have been adding plugins to beef up the sounds I want and don’t want. Taking things a step further, I have slowly been sending tracks to aux channels and creating completely different tones and sounds. Learning through my mentor, as well as the chapter guides has shown me what may be useful in future mixes. Along with signal processing and time based effects, I was able to brush up on tools like mid/side mixing. Techniques like these are great when needing/wanting to tune different frequencies. It has been handy having all of my different I/O buses organized so that I can send whatever audio I need quickly and efficiently. The more practicing I do, the better I’ll feel with using everything available to me.”

Study under a professional engineer.

“I struggled this week with microphones but I learned a lot but at the same time. Knowledge of which microphones to use in certain situations is one of the most important skill sets of a good engineer!”

It was so cool to see everyone in action!

“This week I got to sit in on a music and video recording in the studio. It was so cool to see everyone in action! Seeing the band play and everyone working together was something I’ll never forget. I like how the atmosphere was very casual and fun. It was great to be there and see it. I hope to see more sessions and hopefully get to put input in.”

I’m anxious to set up my own drum kit.

“Another great week at the studio. This week’s focus was microphone placement. I was already somewhat familiar because a few weeks ago, my mentor and I micro phoned a drum kit. Back then it didn’t make 100% sense, but now it does. Everything has a reason for its placement. My mentor has been very helpful in explaining why he chooses to mic an instrument a certain way. He also said, you won’t know until you do it so YOU can see why. And you won’t know what sounds good unless you try it. My mentor has over 10 top of the line mics at his studio, and already I’m anxious to set up my own drum kit.”

My mentor helped me understand everything

“Chapter 1 was very interesting to me on how sound works and how we humans perceive sound. It had me thinking on what sounds low frequencies and high frequencies are including instruments. My mentor helped me understand everything about hearing and sound a lot better on the first day of class.”

Another great studio visit.

“Another great studio visit. During the last session, I had the opportunity to sit in while my mentor worked on a mastering project. It was great to have a chance to see a real “master” of the art at work, especially for my very first time seeing someone master. Very much looking forward to learning more about that process in the weeks to come.”

April 19, 2014 Student Quotes

I am in the right place to learn exactly what I desire!

“I also got to meet a fellow extern who was close to being done with the program. I could tell he was really getting the hang of both Pro Tools and the studio environment as a whole. This reassured me that I am in the right place to learn exactly what I desire!”

My mentor was very helpful.

“During my first session at the studio, my mentor and I went over the basics of sound and hearing. I learned how sound is measured and the importance of sound. My mentor was very helpful, so overall my first lesson went very well and I look forward toward the other sessions to come.”

I love reading these chapters

“There are so many different digital and analog connections that I have never even heard of until now. I love reading these chapters, not only because of the great information, but because the writer makes it fun to read and gives great examples so i can best understand what he or she is trying to get across.”

Today I was reintroduced to using EQs

“Today I was reintroduced to using EQs. Notch filtering, hi and lo pass filter application using the frequency chart as a guide. I really have a hard time understanding what I can and can’t get rid of, especially electric bass and guitar. I’m enjoying the mixing assignment, I’m currently working on two of them and haven’t decided which one I have the most confidence in but we’ll see in time.”

With each chapter I read I take away something great.

“Chapter 4 was great! I learned a lot of new things about different wires. Being a DJ and producer, I would always troubleshoot without really knowing what cable should be hooked up to what channel. Now that I know this information it will be easier to but cables and make everything sound correctly with the right cables. With each chapter I read I take away something great. Recording Connection is one of the greatest reading courses by far.”

Challenge yourself at the studio.

“I’ve been working my tail off in and out of the studio. I’m learning to play the piano now out of the studio and in the studio I’m learning everything from mastering to cleaning up!”

March 29, 2014 Student Quotes

Learn Pro Tools from your mentor.

“I’m excited that I am now beginning my lessons on Pro Tools! I haven’t quite downloaded it and played around with it yet but soon, hopefully. I’m starting to memorize quick keys so I’ll be ready when we get into all that. My mentor printed out a bunch of the key commands for me so that’s super helpful to be able to read over a few times a day to really get familiar with it.”

If you learn visually, this program is for you.

“I have always had a difficult time trying to understand how electricity works. Definitions such as Ohms, Voltage, Current and Resistance are words that really make me do a double take. It’s hard to understand things if you’re not interested but these simple analogies make things a lot easier to understand. They also are making it more fun. I’m not saying I’m a child and need painted pictures to keep my interest, I’m merely saying that videos and pictures that break things down are more interesting!”

Spend your days at a professional recording studio.

“This lesson was used on the mixed project. We used things from the lesson and applied them to the mixing assignment. I’ve got much to learn about these things, but with hard work and effort it will come in time. I’m just glad that we’re spending more time in the studio!”

I’m just happy that I’m lucky enough to have my mentor at my side to help me understand it all!

“My mentor helped me understand things a lot more clearly too. He’s such a cool dude. He had no problem helping me and actually was enthused that I came to him with questions about the lesson. It’s cool knowing what sample rate and bit depth are now since I’ve always seen those things pop up in Logic Pro or Maschine Mikro when I would go to bounce a track. I’m also glad that this lesson was hard because that means that I had a lot to learn! I’m just happy that I’m lucky enough to have my mentor at my side to help me understand it all!”

Lesson 2 was a mind opening lesson.

“Lesson 2 was a mind opening lesson. The reason why is because I never knew that electricity had to travel through all kinds of towers and lines. I knew electricity came from power plants but didn’t know it traveled through two substations. Also learning in the studio and having my mentor show me which device was used for analog current helped me remember it quicker since he explained it so well. Electricity is some interesting stuff!”

I definitely believe I can learn a lot from all of them.

“Today mostly consisted of meeting new people and getting to sit in on a project my mentor was engineering for. I started off the session talking with him about lessons and what was going on at the studio. The staff feels like a close-knit family and I definitely believe I can learn a lot from all of them.”

This week I got my copy of Pro Tools

“This week I got my copy of Pro Tools and I immediately started working with it. This chapter shows me some basics to Pro Tools but my mentor showed me even more about it. My mentor even gave me some old session he had to work with and mix and he showed me a lot of shortcuts to navigate Pro Tools quicker.”

Learn one on one from the best in the music business.

“After we finished going over the lesson, I got to blend a track for my mentor to see where my ears are and I got to work on the mixing board and it was a lot of fun. He showed me the basic steps on the board and how to use it and at least get the hang of pro tools until I get mine. After I finished blending the track, my mentor thought it was really good and I was happy to hear that.”

The best way to find a job is to have real-world experience.

“Today I miked drums again, very fast on comfortable with the setup. My mentor said it’s the last time I will do it! Then we ran a keyboard through a di and also miked and electric guitar and experimented with placement of an sm-57 in relation to the speaker cone…Lastly I sat in on a bass recording session which was cut short because the bass player decided he needed a new bass to get the right sound. All in all a very productive day, with varied tasks I will see in a real studio job!”

Your mentor will answer all of your questions.

“I met my mentor to talk about our lessons. We spent about an hour talking about questions and chatting. The studio was very busy. I saw how an engineer prepares for tracking and sat in a session. My mentor helped clear up questions I had and clarified much of the course materia.

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