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May 17, 2014 Student Quotes

I can’t wait to go in again tomorrow!

“All and all I really enjoyed my lesson. It was sweet to get some hands on practice using a big controller rather than just clicking the faders on my laptop and he showed me some stuff I never knew about so that was pretty cool. I can’t wait to go in again tomorrow”

I look forward to recording and mixing more in pro tools.

“My mentor and I reviewed sections from the book. I learned a lot about mixing, and working with pro tools. I learned some things to make a mix sound better, and learned how to use tools, audiosuite, and how to setup a session in pro tools. I look forward to recording and mixing more in pro tools.”

I love every second of it.

“The plugins I have been playing with have been awesome. I am now recording my own music and using the plugins and it’s great to get familiar with the plugins. My mentor keeps telling the more you mess around with it, the more it will become second nature. I hope to get some more songs recorded and see all the plugins I haven’t messed with. Pro Tools is becoming much easier to understand and I can navigate it much better. I know there’s a ton to still learn but what I have learned already has been so much fun. I love every second of it.”

Once again I was left in the capable hands of Doug Boulware.

“Once again I was left in the capable hands of Doug Boulware. We spent some time going over Lesson 3 which was all about Digital Audio; a chapter that had a lot of information that I knew and a lot that I didn’t. Doug and I spent some time going over Sample Rates and Bit Depth and Doug gave me some examples on the computer in Pro Tools of the same song compressed in different formats (eg MP3) so I could hear what was being lost in the process and the explanation behind that.”

This week I learned many things about the characteristics of sound

“This week I learned many things about the characteristics of sound as it travels and collides with different objects. I learned how to find the optimal listening position. Soft, rough, porous materials make the best sound absorbers and hard, metallic, flat and dense materials make the best reflective sources. Bass traps are used to absorb low end frequency and are commonly found in corners of a room. Foam makes a good absorber and diffuser but does not dampen the sound completely.”

May 10, 2014 Student Quotes

I always wanted to learn this kind of stuff

“Lesson four taught me a whole lot more about the actual workings of cables and what makes a difference between them. I always wanted to know about this kind of stuff but was never able to find any books or get into it. Before this chapter all I really knew about was rca, midi, firewire, usb, usb2, instrument cables and speakers.”

I’m starting to the hang of it!

“Obviously practicing a lot is important but my mentor told me to compare my mixes with those of some of my favorite artists that I listen to most often and are really familiar with their sound so I can figure out how I want mine to sound. So that was super helpful and I’m excited that I’m starting to the hang of it and we’ll be closer to being well on my own in a few months!”

This chapter was very enlightening.

“This Chapter was very enlightening. I was already aware on how to use time based effects, but I didn’t know that there are multiple ways of putting an effect on a track, you can send it to a bus, or simply insert a plug in on the track its self. This is going to be very useful to me when I need to automate data because now I know how to adjust the effect just by using a fader. I also have a better understanding of delay and chorus and am really excited about trying out the new techniques!”

Learn the essential tricks of the trade.

“Week 6 at the studio was all about microphone placement. In addition to my mentor teaching me about microphone placement, another audio engineer from the studio also talked about his expertise in how he would go about miking various instruments. They both explained the different techniques used to mic different instruments and why it’s important to first know the type of microphones you’re using. After going through microphone placement, my mentor listened to another Pro Tools session I worked on. He showed me an alternate way to send & bus via an aux track so I could get the “call and response” effect without having to manually do it for each track. Cool trick of the trade!!”

All the guys here are really excited for us to achieve.

“I’m really liking it in the studio were starting on Pro Tools and I’ve been working really hard on making some beats and getting to know the crew at the studio. I hope we get closer in the next coming months so can collaborate more and I hope to get more involved in the studio. I keep getting more excited to do this and I can’t wait to see where it goes. I’m trying to spread my wings and meet more people but I think getting the experience is a little more important right now. All the guys here are really excited for us to achieve too they all want us to do great things.”

I am so glad to be continuing on to the Advanced Program

“In my opinion, I feel mastering is easier than mixing from the Pro Tools portion of it all. That is mostly because there is more that we can do with the program in mixing. I am so glad to be continuing on to the Advanced Program to really dig deeper into the knowledge, technique and art of audio engineering and music producing.”

It could not be much simpler!

“My mentor broke it down to the core on May forth he went through signal flow the difference between balanced and Unbalanced. He also touched on the difference between a tip sleeve and a tip ring sleeve and patch bays. It was an interesting session on how he elaborated with explanations. He brought out cables that were identical to the ones in chapter four he went into detail and explained what a two prong (tip sleeve) cord looks like, and then the three prong (tip ring sleeve). It could not be much simpler!”

Learn how to achieve the perfect sound for every genre.

“My mentor explained that the way they used to do tbfx’s was much more of a process than it is now. They used a Tape machine. Delay was achieved by manipulating distance between play and record heads. He gave us the assignment of researching echo chambers, plate reverbs, and spring reverb. There is a lot of info on the web about these vintage sounds as well as tutorials on how to build your own for a more authentic reverb sound. Now there are sophisticated plugins that mimic the original reverbs. Mr. Rooney walked us through the delay Reverb Plug-ins in Pro Tools. He also showed us how to automate mute as a preview to the automation chapter.”

A challenging first step toward your dream career.

“On Tuesday, Mark went into audio distortion and how to avoid it through hardware and within Pro Tools. Some of the material was a little technical for my current level, but overall I could follow along and learned a lot.”

May 3, 2014 Student Quotes

Another fun week at the studio!

“I learned the importance of determining the type of mic that is/will be used in a session, as certain mics are more sensitive and should be handled more delicately. I also learned about phantom power and how that also can affect the sensitivity of mics. After I took my quiz, my mentor opened up one of my pro tools sessions and showed me how to shift the entire song at one time vs shifting each track individually. Another fun week at the studio!”

Learn what it takes to design your own studio.

“This past chapter was interesting with a lot of in depth terms. This really clears up some of my questions about what it takes to set up a studio the right way. Sound absorbers will definitely be used in the home studio!”

This expanded my knowledge even more!

“Learning about the different types of microphones has helped me understand the visual aspect of frequency response that I was not fully aware of before. Although I had a general idea of what different microphones looked like and what they might be used for, this expanded my knowledge even more!”

My mentor helped me understand everything better.

“Chapter two was interesting to read about. Once I got to my session my mentor helped me understand everything better. Once we finished going over the chapter, he showed me how to import audio tracks into Pro Tools. I made a song in Logic so I exported all channels as audio tracks and once they got into Pro Tools he showed me how things work in there.”

He had a lot of interesting things to say and it was great to learn.

“This was the first day of the program, and the second time meeting my mentor in the studio. We looked at the chapter and went over the change in frequencies from 100Hz to 2000Hz on the dashboard. Talk about the ADSR and its wave form. Also listened to the different tones on the speaker, he had a lot of interesting things to say and it was great to learn.”

My initial experience with the course has been fantastic

“My initial experience with the course has been fantastic to so far and is progressing well. I have been to the studio with my mentor multiple times and we reviewed various equipment, such as control boards, instruments, and microphones. He has substantially helped with each chapter in helping me fully understand every aspect.”

Build upon your existing knowledge and experience.

“My mentor went over EQ in more depth with me; he also talked to me which I had a pretty good understanding of already. Also enjoyed learning about the distribution amplifier and power amplifier, also went over signal flow again which was a nice brush up.”

My first lesson went very well.

“My first lesson went very well. I really like my mentor and feel comfortable around him. We went over my test and he re asked the questions from the test to make sure I understood them. Over all it was great and I cannot wait for my next lesson!”

Another great studio visit.

“Another great studio visit. During the last session, I had the opportunity to sit in while my mentor worked on a mastering project. It was great to have a chance to see a real “master” of the art at work, especially for my very first time seeing someone master. Very much looking forward to learning more about that process in the weeks to come.”

April 26, 2014 Student Quotes

Yay, I got another A!

“Yay, I got another A! I’m meeting up with my instructor tomorrow, and hopefully we can go over some more cool stuff. I mean, ultimately, I’m doing this course so that I can get my hands on some analogue recording equipment, and maybe record some stuff of my own. I’m going to ask my mentor how some of the artists I really like got the particular sound on each of their respective records. That way I can kind of get an idea of how I’d like to record my own projects.”

Today we discussed Pro Tools!

“Today we discussed Pro Tools! My mentor and I went over some basic commands in Pro Tools on his workstation. After he showed me some basic commands he gave me a packet of commands to study for both pc and mac and then showed me how to clean the heads on the analog. Pretty awesome stuff!”

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