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June 7, 2014 Student Quotes

I enjoyed this chapter very much.

“Love the fact that I can finally start thinking like an engineer. It’s very important to prepare a mix, without a doubt one of my favorite things to do.”

May 31, 2014 Student Quotes

All of my micing questions have been answered.

“All of my micing questions have been answered thanks to this chapter. I’m sure my mentor will have some more insight as I form opinions on why he mics certain ways, but now I can see why we mic the drums the way we do and amplifiers the way we do.”

It was exciting to actually feel in control of the recordings.

“It was exciting to actually feel in control of the recordings. It is also interesting to come home and play with my software and see the similarities of the functions. I can’t wait to see what next week has in store.”

This chapter helped me a lot.

“It’s been only 2 weeks and the amount of knowledge I’ve gained has been great. I’ve learned so much about the multiple features on Ableton, different techniques and plenty of other information to make me a better producer/audio engineer than i once was. Can’t wait for next week’s lesson”

Learn the fundamentals for achieving a professional sound.

“I really liked Chapter 5 because I never thought about different frequency responses in different mics. It’s very important to check this information, same as the polar pattern, before you even think about recording an instrument! I started with chapter 6 recently and I already love it right now!”

This specific chapter was actually a challenge.

“This specific chapter was actually a challenge but I guess being taught about atoms and elements in high school finally paid off. Reading about electricity and how it’s created is a complex objective so you have to come across a strategy in order to completely understand the information given to you. How I did it was the typical way which included taking notes and constantly reviewing and going over the article to mentally process everything and familiarize myself with it and that was a big help.”

Today we recorded three members of the 220s band.

“Today we recorded three members of the 220s band and they were very good. I think that with their style of music we have ample work ahead for me to learn the operations of editing and mixing with room to spare. I find that the thought process of what’s next is starting to form for me with the help of my mentor. It’s not just obvious that he is an experienced engineer, but he’s also a good teacher by knowing what you need to understand. The whole idea of learning frequencies truly fascinates me. For years I’ve been performing and have dealt with frequencies when there were problems. Now with recording it becomes something that is crucial from the moment the sound is produced, so I plan on studying this topic more in the future.”

The course is almost over and I’m starting to feel comfortable.

“The course is almost over and I’m starting to feel comfortable. I’ve accomplished so much because all I’m trying to do is become an artist in music and I now feel like it’s getting easier to become one than before I joined the Recording Connection.”

I have to say he is quite talented!

“Here in the studio with my mentor this lovely Monday morning! He has these two hard rock genre looking kind of men, looking quite intense. The session will last at least from 9-12. We’ll go over the lesson and quizzes afterwards. Glenn is warming up with his guitar and I have to say he is quite talented!”

Looking forward to Session 2!

“My first session went great. Walked in a little nervous but after a few minutes my mentor made me feel comfortable. He went over the first chapter of the textbook and explained the different concepts of sound thoroughly. He utilized audio samples to show me the different waveforms and how it affects hearing. He explained that this course is geared towards what “I” want to learn as well as the course material, which is very important. Looking forward to Session 2!”

May 24, 2014 Student Quotes

I have been learning a lot over the last few weeks at the studio.

“I have been learning a lot over the last few weeks at the studio. A lot of the information covered in the early weeks is technical in nature but necessary in application. Recording and engineering is constantly evolving in technology and accessibility, it is important to keep up with the curve. It seems in this business it can be almost beneficial to be a Jack of all trades as opposed to a Master of one.”

I am very motivated to take the required steps and to learn the necessary skills.

“Given that this was my first time sitting in a live recording session at the studio, it was a very gratifying experience that opened my eyes to see what it is to be an audio engineer and the skill sets that are needed to run a live session. There was a lot to soak in and take note of. It was particularly great to observe the dynamics between the engineer and the artist. It was also very humbling to observe the skills that are necessary to successfully and efficiently run a live session. I was very thankful for this opportunity to watch and learn, and though the goal of running a live session seems distant, I am very motivated to take the required steps and to learn the necessary skills.”

This next lesson is going to be awesome!

“Once I learn Pro Tools I’m going to try and record as much as I can with the program. Practice does make perfect after all. The good news is I know a bunch of people who have been wanting to record on Pro Tools once I get it down so I won’t have to look hard for some practice! This next lesson is going to be awesome!”

I’ll be ready soon!

“I just finished my lesson on compression this week and it took a little effort to comprehend this one. Joe gave me a good understanding though. I’ll be ready soon!”

I’m excited for my next session.

“Today was my first day and it was more of a walk around and learning about each part of the studio. What each room, panel, plug in and machine did. Jason answered any questions I had and explained a little more about the history of the studio and what they do during their time at work. I had a lot to take in and a lot to take note of. I’m excited for my next session and look forward to the lessons to come.”

My mentor is an awesome producer/engineer.

“My mentor is an awesome producer/engineer. My first lesson was awesome. I enjoyed watching and listening. The first 30 minutes of being there I knew more in 30mins than I did reading a book for four hours. I am happy to be learning!”

Learning about microphones was a little tricky at first.

“Learning about microphones was a little tricky at first, but it was a lot easier to understand once it was explained by my mentor. After we went over microphones we started to mix on a project I was working on.”

It was very intriguing to see how electronic circuits are configured.

“In Chapter 2 I learned a lot about how electricity is moved from one place to another and how our homes across the world are powered. It was very intriguing to see how electronic circuits are configured and why they use certain components. In the Studio it made more sense to me as I observed different cables and outlets realizing how the electricity flows and how it relates to signal flow.”

There is no wrong way to automate.

“My mentor and I addressed different ways and types of automation. I told him that my favorite way to automate was using points while his was real time fader automation. In this current state of technology we have no idea how lucky we are when compared to the old way of doing things. For me I use automation more for editing for things such as a song fading in or making a word fade out. Creatively I have used automation to change pitch in a breakdown. Whatever you decide, remember that there is no wrong way to automate.”

Your mentor will help you achieve a professional sound.

“I made tremendous progress with my sound! My mentor acknowledged my work and I’m feeling confident to work on bigger projects!”

May 17, 2014 Student Quotes

This program is awesome!

“This program is awesome! This last chapter on mic placement was super insightful because the studio I’m in we are constantly micing up for horns and acoustic so I feel like I just took a huge step in understanding what’s going on in the studio. Tomorrow is especially exciting because we are micing up for a big acoustic guitar player who will be recording for a week straight to release his album which will be in every book store in the country! I can’t wait for the experience and can’t wait to learn more! I also can’t wait for pro tools! That’s really going to make things fun!”

Had a great time and this summer is going to be great!

“We had an awesome session today after a pause so I could finish UNM. We talked about details of my project and decided some things about it. We also decided to cover a few special things in the next two sessions. I had been talking about audio work for movies and things like that so we will be practicing ADR and working on some fun new stuff just for kicks. Had a great time and this summer is going to be great!”

Four more chapters to go

“This week was a nice one. Got a crash course on MIDI and how it works in a DAW (Pro Tools and Cubase) almost finished with my bachelors program at this point! Four more chapters to go and I’ll be on my way!”

I got paired up with someone who’s perfect to guide me on this journey.

“It was great meeting my mentor. We sat and just talked. He told me about how he got started in music in general, from the days where he started out with the pause button on his tape player to the days where he worked with Puffy (P.diddy for the younglings out there) and his Badboy label, along with The Wu-tang to Suave house and Cash money. It was funny that he got started in production and engineering the same way I got into making music, with just some instrumentals, some snippets recorded from The Quiet storm on K97 (back in the day) using the pause button on a double cassette player (my first sampler/drum machine) to put together tracks. So it was apparent that there was a connection from day one and that I got paired up with someone who’s perfect to guide me on this journey.”

Life is cool and the harder I work, the cooler life gets.

“We only spent about 4 hours with Madison but she moves quick, and managed to write all the lyrics and record scratch vocals in that time. When we finished I really started to comprehend this girl’s potential. It was her first session ever and she managed to accomplish more than some of the experienced artists I’ve seen. The whole experience that night was nothing short of electric. I can’t wait to go back and develop my skills with the guys over there. Life is cool and the harder I work, the cooler life gets.”

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