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June 21, 2014 Student Quotes

Learn on industry-standard gear.

“My mentor showed me the ways in which the console can be operated and which he prefers and why. Interesting to note the wide variety of paths a signal can take throughout the tracking and mixing process. I think it is definitely going to be helpful learning how to use this console as it has many complex features applicable to all audio and is a popular model in this industry.”

Can’t wait for more assignments and learning experiences working in the studio!

“Enjoying the mixing assignment so far. Had a great time at the studio yesterday with the band we recorded. Enjoyed learning from my mentor, we setup microphones for the band’s equipment, routed inputs/ outputs within the patch bay and console. Finally starting to feel more and more comfortable working with Pro Tools, had been having a bit of problems with the transition from Ableton to Pro Tools. Can’t wait for more assignments and learning experiences working in the studio!”

I can’t wait to have my own studio someday.

“Automation was cool to learn because I had been wondering about it before. My mentor uses it when he’s mixing for things like volume and delays and I didn’t quite get what he was doing so it was nice to learn that and put it together. It’s pretty simple, there aren’t a ton of things to learn with that and it’s cool because it’s all right there in the same little drop down. My mentor showed me the way he does automation which is a little different from the way the school teaches it but I caught on to that quicker and it was easier. I love that I have the school to learn from and then my mentor so I see the technical way to do things and the easy way, it’s really helpful for being able to do it all on my own. I can’t believe I’m almost done with the program, this six months has flown by. I can’t wait to have my own studio someday.”

I’ve been learning so much in these lessons.

“It’s been a hectic couple of weeks for me. I’ve been learning so much in these lessons. One topic that was sort of hard for me was dynamic signal processing. My mentor broke it down for me in the studio and it is so much easier than what it seems. It is basically a volume control for instruments and vocals. I think it will be very useful in the future when I start to play around with it.”

My mentor was in Sweden with the band Madam X.

“This was more of a calm week here at the studio. My mentor was in Sweden with the band Madam X, which is a very big deal considering who “Madam X” is to the rock world. To be chosen to go on the road with them is definitely inspirational, definitely something to look up to and keep me motivated to make some big moves like that. This chapter was one of my toughest ones to grasp, so I’m going to re-read it and know it inside and out.”

June 14, 2014 Student Quotes

Probably the most involved console-based lesson that I’ve had so far.

“For the lesson over mix theory, Jeff showed me some of the things that he had been working on at Eagle Audio over the past few sessions. He explained the reasons that carving out frequencies when EQing and mixing is so important, and showed me some compressors and effects racks that they use frequently at the studio. It was a good lesson, probably the most involved console-based lesson that I’ve had so far.”

Now I look forward to learning more about Pro Tools!

“This lesson was very helpful in finishing once I got Pro Tools up and running which took me quite a while because my internet is slow. Once I had that up the lesson was easier to grasp and make more sense of. I have been working with Cubase previously and this lesson helped me figure out a lot of what I was doing wrong in Cubase even. My instructor uses Cubase mostly so he recommended I get it before I started the program and that intro to a DAW I feel has been helpful in preparation for Pro Tools. Now I look forward to learning more about Pro Tools!”

Mixing is like a painter painting a picture.

“I love the way they said that mixing is like a painter painting a picture. It’s so true, mixing is an art form for sure. Two people could sit down and mix the same recording and get completely different results. One could be a Picasso while the other one could be a painting from a kindergartener. Nothing against kindergartners, it was just an example. I personally think that mixing is the best part of the recording process. It gives you room to be creative and make the most out of a recording.”

I’m very excited to see where this program takes me.

“I never knew how much science really went into this. Sure, hearing is a very important part of working with sound. That goes without saying of course. But I never thought that I’d be learning so much about the internal workings of the human mind as it relates to recording, and I’ve got to say, I love it! I’m very excited to see where this program takes me.”

Working with some fun, knowledgeable and professional people.

“Great working with some fun, knowledgeable and professional people. That’s all you need in a learning environment. It opens up a way for your brain to relax and think properly, watch and pay attention 360. Thanks to my mentor!”

Time to get our hands dirty!

“My latest trip to the studio has been one of the more educational ones. I came down to the studio and had a few questions for my mentor Joey Heier about sample rate and bit depth in ProTools, as in when to use 24 bit as opposed to 16 bit and things like that. He had a really easy way of breaking down what I didn’t understand and made it make a lot more sense. He also helped me fix a misunderstanding I had with the frequency response of a microphone. I had thought that the frequency response of a mic was how much of the sound it picked up in its respective shape like cardioid or bi-directional. Instead it’s what sound that particular mic is best for. Let’s say we have a bass drum mic, it will have a better lower end so it can pick up the low, bassy kicks better than say a mic with a better high end. I also scored a 92 on my midterm! Joey was real impressed with how well I did. I’m excited for this next lesson on mixing. Time to get our hands dirty!”

This chapter has really made me realize how much more there is to music than what most people know.

“After the few songs that I’ve made it’s made me notice the mistakes easier. Also, I was already very familiar with different sine waves, amplitudes, frequencies, cycles, etc. from calculus this year in school so it was cool to further expand my knowledge. Understanding ways in which we break the speed of sound was cool to learn as well 740-790mph… This chapter was very interesting and seemed fairly basic. I want to learn more about compression and refraction for sure as well as dealing with all of these things learned in the chapter such as waves in a first-hand situation. All in all, I comprehended much.”

Learn how to improve your home studio.

“This chapter was extremely helpful; it showed me where I’ve been lacking extremely in my studio setup. Its time I go invest in some acoustic treatment.”

Wow this chapter was great!

“Wow this chapter was great! I got to learn a lot about different mics and their placements on different instruments. I helped a little on a project that my mentor had been working on. It was awesome to get some hands on knowledge. Looking forward to the next session!”

I can do this after all.

“This week in the studio, I got to do a recording with the help of my mentor. We set up the microphones for vocals and keyboards, set up a rough mix and brought up the template the band had used last time. I even got to put my two cents in when it came to the singing to help the girl out. It was fun, refreshing to go over, and made me think that “I can do this after all.”

I’ve been getting more and more acclimated

“I’ve been getting more and more acclimated to the day in, day out happenings of studio life. There’s a huge difference being behind the scenes as opposed to in the forefront. On top of the day to day operations of general studio maintenance, I’ve also sat in on and engineered a few sessions.”

June 7, 2014 Student Quotes

This lab session was a very interesting one

“This lab session was a very interesting one because there was a recording session scheduled for tracking jazz vocals and trumpets. In this session we went over the different type of mics that could be used for this recording, their polar patterns, frequency response and whether or not it was suitable to use condenser or dynamic mics for this session.”

Did I mention that Donny is a very cool mentor?

“Did I mention that Donny is a very cool mentor? He and Doug have been very helpful, supportive and enthusiastic during my lessons which I really appreciate because I know sometimes it can get very busy around the studio, so to have this all set up and ready to go when I arrived was awesome.”

Overall I love the studio sessions

“Just did my third chapter. It was a little bit of harder material to remember, but I did it and still got an A! I’m so happy about that! Overall I love the studio sessions and I honestly look forward to them every week and I can’t wait for the next one.”

he happier your clients are, the easier and more fun your job becomes.

“I think that when a client comes in to record, it is the engineer’s responsibility to keep everyone molded together. I’m not saying it is his or her job to keep the band together but speaking in terms of (VIBE) or the feel of the environment, the engineer should keep everything happy but professional. Knowing what the band is after and knowing how to achieve that certain sound will make everyone much happier. The happier your clients are, the easier and more fun your job becomes.”

This was an exciting chapter for me.

“This was an exciting chapter for me. We looked at all of the studios microphones.. Including dynamic, condenser, and ribbon mics. We talked about the different ways they worked. Through moving coils, carbon pieces, charged plates, or magnetically suspended strips of metal. We also looked at the history and how far microphones have come.”

This week we went over Chapter 15

“This week we went over Chapter 15, and over our songs to make sure we did what we were supposed to do in the editing page. There were a few things that I didn’t do right, but was shown the proper way. Before next week comes, Rick wants us to play with the Equalizer, De-Esser, Compression, and Delay on both of our songs that we have. We’ll see how it turns out next Monday!”

This program has been a great experience.

“Today we talked about my future goals in the world of audio engineering. We discussed the possibility of taking a master class and working on my certifications. I plan on recording some friends over the summer to practice what I’ve learned so far. This program has been a great experience!”

This is a passion of mine.

“I must say this had to be the most complex chapter yet but I made it through with a low “A”. I followed through with my intentions and executed my overall plan by following my typical procedure. That procedure was as simple as taking notes. However I didn’t only use notes to memorize this particular chapter, I also read the article over and over again until it was forced into my head practically trying familiarizing myself with what I was reading. Safe to say that it worked, I came out on top, and finished strong. Regardless of what, this is a passion of mine so I could never forget to have fun while I’m at it!”

There is a lot to be learned.

“Chapter 4 about connectivity really gave me a big heads up on what I would be doing as an audio engineer. Clearly there is a lot to be learned from reading this chapter and I’m actually excited to make this stuff a second nature to me.”

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