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July 26, 2014 Student Quotes

My first session was terrific.

“My first session was terrific. My mentor showed me to studio A and left me alone to explore and to get a feel for everything surrounding me. I was fortunate enough to take a selfie with the mixer board. A highlight to say the least.”

I’m one step closer to getting my home studio.

“I had a student workshop going over the lessons of processing and tracking. The main engineer led the class for the night. It was the most fun class yet because not only does he get to the pint he enjoys himself as well. We went over the basic plugins such as the EQ and Reverb and played around with different varieties. Dave went over the basic functions of running through a session and also went over the past lessons as well. It was a great day because I also bought my own Apollo Twin interface; I’m one step closer to getting my home studio.”

It’s all about getting the right tone to produce the right sound!

“This chapter was awesome because it makes me feel like I’m getting closer to finally working with Pro Tools and engineering first hand. The main basis of this chapter was planning before a session that away there is no problems. It focused mainly on the basics like being prepared with notes of each song such as the instruments used, bpm, song length, gear info, etc. It was cool to focus even more on determining the right mic as well. There are so many different little keys to creating the best sound within instruments such as drums, keyboards, guitars and even vocals within a mic that I wasn’t too aware of. It’s all about getting the right tone to produce the right sound! Therefore, when engineering, experiment, use your ears, and embrace what sounds good.”

My mentor’s knowledge of music seems fathomless

“I just finished the first lesson with my mentor and I experienced moments in which I realized I am doing exactly what I need to be doing. My mentor’s knowledge of music seems fathomless; I will learn a great deal from him!”

This lesson was awesome

“This lesson was awesome and I learned a lot about aux sends and how to utilize them. I also went over how to save files and save them to other versions of pro tools! So, I can bring your files to other studios that are running different pro tools versions, besides current updated applications.”

Session four was a lot of fun!

“Session four was a lot of fun! We went over my tests, and then headed to the studio to go over some microphone placements. We talked about stereo and mono, recording with certain mics and how you can get the close to perfect sound quality. We also talked about what mics are good for certain instruments and certain situations.”

July 19, 2014 Student Quotes

The studio was a lot more under my control.

“This week in the studio was a lot more under my control. We were recording a cover song and tracking a lot of guitar parts. I was able to set up all the tracks, record; do punch-ins, and other helpful things. I can’t wait to work on this song some more and see where it goes.”

This week went by pretty fast.

“This week went by pretty fast. The chapter wasn’t that long which was great because there wasn’t that much reading however the material was pretty dense. I got a little bit confused on the labeling of certain concepts but I was straightened out by my mentor Steve. After reviewing the chapter we started to dive a little bit into how Ableton software works and how to shortcut your way into saving hours of time. One of my favorite parts was when Steve showed me Ableton Push which is the controller/launch pad that Ableton created as a tool that would work seamlessly with their software. I couldn’t believe that we were actually kind of making beats in the studio. It may have been simple examples so I could grasp the reality of this dynamic machine but it was still a great feeling. I also have a friend who just got a brand new DJ set up that he has been letting me come and jam on with him. I am very excited to continue the program and I look forward to chapter 3.”

Week 13 was all about EQ.

“Week 13 was all about EQ. My mentor went into depth explaining high and low pass filters, as well as showing me what he uses when he is mixing. He did an awesome job using actual recording sessions to point out the differences while making EQ changes. He encouraged me to start playing around with EQ so that I can start to train my ears more.”

My mentor and I went over my chapter 1 quiz

“My mentor and I went over my chapter 1 quiz and made sure that I understood everything that was on it. This included auditory masking and acoustic beats which I had been getting mixed up. He showed me how some sounds can get blocked out by others on a guitar and also explained why sounds don’t travel as far through thin air when the air molecules are spread out.”

I’d like to talk about my mentor some.

“I’d like to talk about my mentor some. He’s unlike anyone I’ve ever met before. He’s able to take SUCH delight in this work, and you can see it and hear it as he talks about it. It comes off of him in waves. I thought I was going be knocked over by a riptide of his enjoyment! But really, when I listen to him talk about music and engineering and such, I can truly hear his love and passion for it. I can see it in his eyes. Whenever he talks about it, he’s always smiling because of it. Like he’s at peace with the continuity of the universe and at one with it. It’s truly remarkable. But more than that, he incredibly understands. He’s leaps and bounds beyond helpful as far as I’m concerned, especially with helping me to learn and retain more of the information. Above all else, he’s infinitely patient with me. I feel truly, deeply lucky to have been paired!”

I had the opportunity to work with the original bassist from FFDP.

“Hearing that I had the opportunity to work with the original bassist from FFDP put a smile on my face. Meeting him was a great first step in getting to know people since he was very rehearsed in Audio Engineering. He and Doug were bouncing ideas and thoughts around; half of what they were saying went straight over my head. But I just got Pro Tools and I’m on my way to figuring out the ropes. Can’t wait until next studio session!”

I am evolving and growing each day I spend on practicing my craft!

“Well here we are! Almost approaching the close of the first segment of my program and I must say I’m very excited! This past week I ran my own session from beginning to end and I loved every moment of it. I still have more to learn but it’s really just about repetition. I am very hungry to be the best that I can be and I am evolving and growing each day I spend on practicing my craft!”

July 12, 2014 Student Quotes

I eventually got it with patience and consistency so I came out on top.

“Chapter six was actually a more complex article to conquer so I prepared for the chapter test a little differently. I did do the usual which was take notes regarding mic placement and set up but the instruments used with micing and how it’s used took more to get down pack. But I eventually got it with patience and consistency so I came out on top.”

My mentor is a beast.

“I was in my first studio session with my mentor on the 4th of July. We were in the studio with a Christian singing group and they were recording a single. We were working with Pro Tools and a sick Sony Microphone. I studied the recording process and picked up a couple new recording tips and techniques to use in my sessions. My mentor is a beast.”

Today was a very productive day.

“Today was a student workshop and I attended the morning and evening workshops. I learned how to properly run a session in the studio. I learned how to set up the microphones for instruments in the recording room. I learned there are a lot of microphones to be used for drums. Today was a very productive day.”

This was another great chapter!

“This chapter was a very interesting one, and yes I sound GREAT in the shower. Time based effects are the little secret that a lot of audio engineers have up their sleeves when it comes to make that vocal stand out, or making that snare sound a little more punchy. I love time based effects and think that without them, music wouldn’t be as creative as it is today. This was another great chapter!”

Pro Tools has been great and fun to use.

“I’ve learned a lot this past while. Lesson 9 there were videos I had to watch multiple times but enjoyed them all. Pro Tools has been great and fun to use I look forward to learning more and getting better with it!”

I don’t want it to end

“Midterm this is a bitter sweet part of the program getting to the half-way point all I can do is look back and say wow I’ve had the opportunity to meet music legends work on movie sets record Grammy winning musicians and set up 11 bands with top of the line equipment. I don’t want it to end and I’m going to be honest about being I little intimidated about how big this industry is and what it takes to make it and maintain there is so much to learn all I know is I’m glad that I still the half to go and I’m truly excited for war is to come.”

Thanks Uncle Joe!

“My mentor Joey Heier advised me to test out his headphone pre amp and it has done wonders for me! Thanks Uncle Joe!”

Learning how each of these mics process sound through polar patterns was very interesting as well.

“This chapter was a lot to take in but was very important and great to learn from. It will be very helpful for making decisions on microphone purchases in the future. Also, it was very interesting to learn the beginning of microphone technology till its present development today. Learning how each of these mics process sound through polar patterns was very interesting as well. All in all, this chapter was very cool and it will help me much with microphone choices in the future!”

I learned a lot and I’m pretty excited for what is to come.

“We focused on the microphones, their patterns and memorizing each one so when we set up I can easily pick it. Jason was working on a song for an artist he had in previously. I got to set up some groups in Pro Tools and mess with the motherboard. I got to record him playing cymbals that he wanted to add to the song. We mixed the cymbals with some shakers and blended it into the song. Overall it was a pretty productive day. I learned a lot and I’m pretty excited for what is to come.”

I feel accomplished!

“Had a session with Tom yesterday, showed him the progress with the track I’ve been working on. The beat is coming along quite nicely, got one bridge left to mess around with and the raw version will be done. Feels great, I feel accomplished. EXCITED!”

It has been a journey since I enrolled in Recording Connection

“It has been a journey since I enrolled in Recording Connection. At the age of 19 it can be tough to get the funds and stability to invest in a dream and an opportunity. I have risen from the bottom and have begun to push forward through life despite what may come my way. My dream is bigger than my circumstance and I represent the struggle. I have been able to experience many great things at the studio and meet numerous amounts of artist. My mentor has worked with me and has allowed me to experience what it is to be a true audio engineer and music producer. There has never been a dull moment and I look forward to every session and lesson. I can honestly say I am turning my dreams into reality. Getting adjusted has become more than just being inside the studio on a normal basis but staying focused on my creative control. I am looking forward to the following session and finally getting into recording.”

Week 12 at Chung King Studios was about mixing.

“Week 12 at Chung King Studios was about mixing. My instructor and I went over basic mixing ideas and discussed in depth that there is no exact way to mix. We played different songs to listen for differences in mixing and he encouraged me to do this with more music. I find myself now listening to songs differently and pointing out certain things that I previously wouldn’t have paid attention to.”

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