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September 27, 2014 Student Quotes

My mentor explained everything very well

“This chapter was long and had a lot of information that is important and I have to say I have a much better understanding of it after this week of my lessons with my mentor. He explained everything very well such as the Nyquist theorem which states you should always record something two times greater than the frequency to avoid aliasing. We talked a lot about how each sample has two characteristics, bit depth and bit rate. I understand a lot about all the different compressed formats with them being lossless or lossy. This chapter had a lot of important information that I understand a lot more than before.”

I look forward to the challenges ahead

“I continue learning more every day from my mentor and others. Working more with pro tools and different programs continue to benefit me. The more hands on experience I have is making me more comfortable when it comes to working and being in the studio. I look forward to the challenges ahead and the things my mentor has in store for me.”

Looking forward to learning even more!

“I started off learning the fundamentals of basic electronics with my mentor. It was really easy to understand the way he explained. I also got to see several artists come in to record again. This was really fun. I definitely love being in the studio and watching the different aspects of the business. Looking forward to learning even more, advancing into the next lesson and going into my next session!”

September 20, 2014 Student Quotes

It took a lot of time to make sure the vocals sounded correct.

“Today in the studio, we worked on making some a cappella and instrumental mixes. It wasn’t the hardest thing, but it took a lot of time to make sure the vocals sounded correct. We also learned the importance of file management. Some of the songs were recorded years ago, so having the files organized made it very convenient.”

This example really opened my eyes.

“However the biggest learning point for me was the example given on how electrical current is much like water flow through pipes. This example really opened my eyes and simplified the chapter for me. It was an instant understanding! I never knew that electricity traveled through so many different transformers before reaching its final destination.”

I aced the test, yay!

“Man, Pro Tools is a beast!  I aced the test, yay!  The installation was fairly easy.  I definitely need to continue having remote mentoring sessions to get the hang of it.  After I installed Pro Tools, but before I read chapter 9, I played around in it for a while.”

Learned a lot today.

“Today we went over basic electronics and we also setup an entire stage recording session.  We tested tons of signals running from the stage to the control room and patched everything through the outboard gear.  Learned a lot today.”

Understand the science behind audio.

“It was great to get a overall understanding of connections used within the studio. In a band I understood the basic Inputs and Outputs and such, through amps and PA systems. However; from a pro studio standpoint, it was interesting to understand the science behind how signal flows through the studio.”

Week 2 was pretty dope.

“Week 2 was pretty dope. I met a bunch of people and made a lot of connections with some producers and musicians. We went over electricity and things of that nature but I also got to play some of my music and talk music with professionals. Learned a lot and had a great experience overall.”

I’m interested to see what my lesson today will be involving microphones!

“This chapter was all on microphones and the different aspects of their use/design that are important and pertaining to audio engineering. I learned a whole lot about different uses and types of microphones and given a lot of famous examples of microphones used in recording over the years. I’m interested to see what my lesson today will be involving microphones!”

September 13, 2014 Student Quotes

My experience was incredible

“Today was my first day at Sanctum Sounds and my experience was incredible. My mentor was super chill and explained the basics of pro tools very clearly. He provided a very down to earth atmosphere which made me feel welcome and comfortable. Can’t wait to go back and learn more!”

The hands on experience is awesome!

“I got to experience a lot more of the studio with this chapter. It was nice to start getting into the sound flow of the studio. I can’t wait to get even more hands on!”

Never before had I seen a track being recorded live.

“This week I attended the studio once again and worked in the upstairs room where most of the song writing is done. My mentor played along a track titled “Mia Koda” and I have to admit he played amazing! Every kick and snare he hit where precise and I was loving it! Overall it was an amazing experience. Never before had I seen a track being recorded live. I look forward to this week’s lesson and future group sessions!”

I’m excited to receive pro tools and practice mixing in it.

“Last Monday at the studio, I read chapter 7 on tracking. We’ve been trying to practice this kind of stuff as much as possible and we’re getting faster. The drums came out sounding very clean and in good phase. I worked on compressing and mixing the drums a little bit afterwards and saved the project for another day. I’ve been coming to the studio 3-4 times a week from about 4 PM to 10 or even 12 PM sitting in on as many sessions as I can and getting to know the equipment a little more. I’m excited to receive pro tools and practice mixing in it.”

This lesson gave me a good understanding on how electronics work and the power behind it.

“My mentor explained how resistance works and gave me great examples on how traffic signs and lights are like resistors that control the flow of traffic. Just like in wires and how much voltage is running through it, you don’t want to overheat or short circuit a device so the right amount of resistance in the electrical current gives control of how much power is needed going to the device plugged in. When I started this chapter on my own it was kind of confusing but when I went in for my lesson and my mentor started to explain things better my understanding of it increased.”

This lesson was a useful one.

“This lesson was a useful one. We went to the mobile recording truck and can I say that thing is incredible. The Studor digital console was almost like magic and almost intimidating to touch, mostly because of how expensive it looked. My mentor and I went over some vocabulary that he gave me that is over general audio engineer slang, terms and all around lingo so I wasn’t too lost when I get to sit in on a session”

I geek out on that stuff!!

“This chapter was all about different types of connectors and connectivity. I’m excited to see what kinds of things I can apply this too like patch bays and setting up studio equipment!”

I’m excited to go back and learn more.

“My first day at 35th Street Studios with my mentor Steve was great and we got right down to business. We started by doing some housekeeping around the studio i.e. testing signal lines, cables, preamps, effects processors, etc. Then we moved into the control room where I learned about the notorious patch bay and general signal flow. Interesting stuff. I’m excited to go back and learn more.”

September 6, 2014 Student Quotes

So far there are definite advantages.

“I’ve heard that Protools is better for mixing and editing in a lot of ways than Logic, and from what I’ve seen so far there are definite advantages. It was also helpful to have my mentor teaching me one on one how to do certain things rather than just watching a video or reading about it. I feel you can get more insight on specific details that way which generates a better understanding.”

There is always something you’re not familiar with.

“There was allot that I knew already but there is always something you’re not familiar with. I learned about how the human body perceives sound and how ADSR works when using certain equipment in a rig. I have always heard the differences but never truly never knew exactly what I was actually doing to manipulate the sound.”

I have a great understanding on how to do it now!

“Helped me a lot with knowing how to stay more professional during a studio session. And also how to really record a live session. I’ve never recorded a live session with drums, guitars, and keyboards, but I have a great understanding on how to do it now!”

Pro Tools is amazing!

“In this week’s session my mentor and I worked on a couple command shortcuts and started messing around with the basic functions in Pro tools. We did some sampling and I started making beats on it as well. Pro Tools is amazing!”

Can’t wait for Thursday to come!!!

“I didn’t think it’d take that little time to record one song! And I was amazed at how quickly my mentor worked! On top of that, we all got some coffee and ate delicious hummus and crackers. Talk about a pretty chill recording session. My mentor pretty much explained that making tracks is like building with Legos, one block on top of another…IT’S GREAT!!! Can’t wait for Thursday to come!!!”

Now that I have completed this chapter, I can get my copy of Pro Tools. Woohoo!!!

“Yayyy!!!! First of all, I got an A on the quiz. Second, they said this chapter would be boring. I didn’t think so. It was all about the history of Pro Tools and learning some basic key commands. This chapter also helped me to optimize my Mac so that Pro Tools will run better on it. Now that I have completed this chapter, I can get my copy of Pro Tools. Woohoo!!!”

This chapter was very helpful and beneficial

“Chapter 13 was great because I’ve been working hard to understand EQ but it’s not easy when you don’t entirely know the tools and fundamental purpose for this plugin in particular. Now I feel that adjusting EQ is a lot easier. The Air Kill EQ was really cool to learn about in order for me to perfect a master track that needs a better sound. Also, getting the chart of instrument frequency ranges will be helpful after I saved it to my desktop to refer too. This chapter was very helpful and beneficial for further moving forward.”

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