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November 22, 2014 Student Quotes

I’m super excited to begin this new journey with the Recording Connection

“I’m super excited to begin this new journey with the Recording Connection as an extern and take myself to the next level as a musician & producer. While I have experience with Garageband and Logic Pro, I’ll begin learning Pro Tools with Zach. Pro Tools is the music industry standard DAW. DAW is an acronym for Digital Audio Workstation, which is a platform that allows us to record and edit audio within a computer workspace. I haven’t used Pro Tools since i think version 4 or 5 was released. It’s been a long time, but I’m looking forward to learning all the new features it has to offer. More to come.”

I really enjoyed being able to watch Joe mix.

“Almost every musician has dealt with cables throughout his or her musical career, but I’m sure that very few properly know all the names and functions of the different types of cables and connections. Joe and I talked a lot about the importance of the Patch Bay, which acts as the hub of any good studio. The main levels include mic, line, and speaker. All mic cables, patch cables, and XLR are balanced and all instrument cables are unbalanced. During the session after the lesson, Joe focused on a vocal mix. I noticed that he enjoys using an EQ, and compressor, then another EQ, and a De-Esser. He then will send the vocal part to a reverb and delay bus to taste. I really enjoyed being able to watch Joe mix because that is currently my main focus regarding music production.”

I’m beginning to feel more comfortable.

“I have learned a lot in these past five weeks. Ty has been an excellent mentor, and I have also been learning a lot from Nick. I’m starting to learn what some of these plugins do, and I’m beginning to feel more comfortable. The finally let me behind the boards, and Ty is drilling short cuts in me. Your speed and efficiency is viable so that an artist does not lose his or her mojo during the recording process.”

This was my first time seeing Pro Tools in person.

“I enjoy the textbook as it also has videos and sound bites instead of reading only. My first session in the studio went really well. As I arrived early I was able to meet and talk with some other students in the program before we started. Everyone seemed to be in good spirits and ready to get things going. This was my first time seeing Pro Tools in person. It was fascinating to learn about and see the things I would eventually be doing myself.”

I really liked this chapter!

“I really liked this chapter! It was nice to get to learn all about the all of the audio formats and the different types of digital recorders that are out there. I also really liked the history lesson on the Fairlight CMI. One of the things I’ve always wanted to learn about the history of recording audio.”

Aced my midterm!!!

“Aced my midterm!!! Finally received my Pro Tools and now I’m on this ongoing high right now about my career as a recording engineer. I finally wrote a song just using my Pro Tools alone, creating a lot of my own unique sounds, and with a little help from my awesome mentor. I’m just waiting to hear what the school has to say about the song I wrote. Yay!”

Uncle Joey took me “Back into time” in a sense.

“Today’s studio session was pretty cool because Uncle Joey took me “Back into time” in a sense. He showed me some of the old audio units and devices that he used to use back in the day when he didn’t have pro tools and other digital devices. He also showed me how he use to cut the track literally and put it back together using scotch tape just to get a cough on a track. Makes me glad to be a part of the digital age but it just goes to show how long Uncle Joey has really been at this. Can’t wait for the next session!”

November 15, 2014 Student Quotes

It was a really insightful lesson

“This week I went to a different studio than usual. It was a smaller studio on La Brea and I met with the head engineer Kyle. We talked a lot about connectivity, and he gave me a greater understanding of different wires and cables and how they work. It was a really insightful lesson and I would love to go back there soon.”

I feel I’m improving every time I’m in the studio

“I continue to learn something new every time I’m in the studio. I’m gaining more knowledge when it comes to microphone placement and selection. I continue to learn off pro tools and strive to perfect the drum machine and keyboards. I’m becoming more comfortable with the different kinds of mics that are used in the studio. I feel I’m improving every time I’m in the studio which gives me more motivation and confidence.”

I’m starting my first lesson next Monday so I will keep everyone posted!

“As I start this new journey in my life, I can’t begin to explain my excitement for this field. I’ve been into music all of my life since I was three years old and now I can finally begin to do something with it. I’ve been playing guitar for 8 years and have learned a multitude of instruments in between consisting of marching instruments to your more normal instruments like ukulele and mandolin. I’m starting my first lesson next Monday so I will keep everyone posted!”

So far the lessons are going phenomenal

“This was an awesome week at the studio! It was my first time being at the studio with an actual client. They were a local rock band. So that day, they were laying down the guitar solos for 3 of their tracks, which was amazing because the guitar is my favorite instrument. It was very interesting to see how much layering and how much detail going into just fifteen seconds of music. So far the lessons are going phenomenal and everyone at the studio is very open with answering my questions!”

It’s all coming together.

“It’s all coming together. And the experience of watching my track be mixed by a professional from the ground up is nothing short of enlightening. Even though I do not yet understand everything John’s been doing, much can be inferred just from observation. I am certain a lot of what I’m observing now will spontaneously coalesce in my mind in a flash of epiphany lucidity once I have acquired the necessary knowledge to solve the riddle that is professional audio.”

This step by step process will groom me into being the best engineer I can be.

“This lesson was very informative. Donny took me in the back and we broke out some cables and wire. We went over identifying the differences between mic and instrument cables etc and also repaired some damaged cords. Everything is going well; I’m soaking up as much as I can! It’s exciting learning all of this new tech stuff. And my mentor has been a big help. I love being able to learn hands on from someone as experienced as Donny. This step by step process will groom me into being the best engineer I can be. Let’s go!”

Asked to dress up for a Snoop Dogg music video!!

“I had no idea when I woke up on Halloween morning I’d be asked to dress up for a Snoop Dogg music video!! My internship is primarily in the editing process but just as in any career position, I am so grateful to see and learn about ALL of the moving parts because they are all key to the final picture that is painted. When you are part of a team you do anything that needs to be done in order to complete the shoot. Even if it means playing the part of a hooker in a music video!”

I’m excited to learn more and to start making this stuff really stick.

“Working with my mentor has really showed me that you can make a big difference in a short amount of time if you know what to look for. Also, having a few really good “go-to-plug-ins” helps a lot. This was my favorite studio session so far. I’m excited to learn more and to start making this stuff really stick. I want to get to the point where a Pro Tools session, from beginning to end, is second nature to me. I feel like once you know your way around the software and have a good understanding of your plug-ins, then you can really use those tools musically and tastefully, putting your own spin on it, and make it your piece of art”

November 8, 2014 Student Quotes

I also love how interactive the ebook is.

“As far as the book work goes I think I’m doing great. The ebook is really simple and they break down certain concepts so they are very understandable. I remember taking a couple Digital Recording classes at the college in Maui and comparing the text book they gave me to the one I got through recording connections is a HUGE difference. The book the college gave me is useful but it so technical that I get lost trying to read it. I also love how interactive the ebook is which also helps with comprehending the concepts.”

It was really interesting to see

“This lesson was about microphones. I learned how to identify the different types of microphones; dynamic, condenser, ribbon, and carbon. I also learned about different types of models of microphones and it was really interesting to see such a wide range of shapes/designs. I think the older microphones look a lot cooler in my opinion.”

Now it’s a reality.

“First day of class in the studio with my mentor, I have to say this is a good experience as I was going over my chapter 1 quiz, I started to think how I waited for this moment to learn professionally. Now it’s a reality. To me I was all about experimenting when making tracks but now as I went through the first chapter it has changed my perspective in a big way. Can’t wait for the next class.”

Brian made it very easy to learn.

“This was my second session in the studio and I must say that I was not disappointed. Maurice, owner of the Cut Recording Studio, set up a mock session for all of his externs to come and experience some hands-on training. Brian Jones was the engineer at the studio who helped us along the way and gave us guidance. I learned a lot about Pro Tools this last studio session and Brian made it very easy to learn.”

Another knowledge-filled day at the factory!

“Went in last Thursday for my chapter 6 lesson. Matt and I discussed in great detail the techniques and importance of microphone placement. When reading this chapter I was having problems at first understanding the 3:1 rule but Matt explained it to me and cleared up a lot of the confusion. It was very interesting to learn about how proper microphone placement can reduce and even nullify phase to the point where it’s not an issue. Very neat stuff! Another knowledge filled day at the factory!”

I am continuing to watch my love of music grow.

“Today I got to have my friend come in and record. He shows a lot of potential and was an amazing person to practice recording. Most of the time he starts out soft then gets loud, so adjusting to him and finding a good place on the mic was important. My mentor teaches me something new every time and I am continuing to watch my love of music grow.”

My first lesson with Donny in the studio went great.

“My first lesson with Donny in the studio went great. We were the first to arrive so we fired up the Protools and console and worked on recognizing frequencies and pitches, and from there level adjustments and techniques on how to avoid phase shift etc. It was only the first lesson so it was all pretty basic and easy for me to understand given my live performance background and recording experience but hanging out and conversing with Donny about music and life is fun for me. It seems we have a lot of the same taste in music and really love what we do. I’m highly looking forward to the next lesson and soaking up as much knowledge from behind the boards as I can.”

Plugins are my favorite part about digital audio!

“Plugins are my favorite part about digital audio! We’ve learned about so many awesome plugins at Studio 713. John has even given us personal access to some of these plugins to practice with at home in our own songs/mixes. Learning how to make chords out of multiple sine waves by recording 3 different audio tracks into 1 was very eye opening!”

November 1, 2014 Student Quotes

This week’s lessons taught me a lot about Pro Tools

“This week’s lessons taught me a lot about Pro Tools and the useful shortcuts you can use. My mentor and I went through pro tools to get a good idea of how the program works and how it’s used. I used all the shortcuts I could remember to get to things faster like adding a new track. Going through pro tools with my mentor helps me understand it much better and I also discover and learn new things in the program by just playing around with it myself.”

Miking is quickly becoming a specialty of mine.

“There’s no better example than one that is hands-on. The information in chapter 6 was expressed greatly by the book, however the examples presented to me by my mentor made all the difference. Microphone placement in most cases is one of those “learn from mistakes” or “adjust as you go” situations. Don’t get me wrong, you should know the best places to mic an acoustic guitar is much different from miking an electric guitar which sometimes is different than miking a bass guitar. However, once you get those microphones in the right spaced pair position on your acoustic guitar, then finding the “sweet spot” is all in your ears. I am lucky enough to have a mentor with a tremendous studio full of equipment and a stage fit for any performer. This allows me to get great examples on how to setup a stage, which mics to use and where to put them for which sound I would like to accent. Miking is quickly becoming a specialty of mine.”

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