Juma Spears - Recording Connection Graduate

Juma Spears, Forth Worth, TX

We would like to congratulate Juma Spears for not only completing the program but for continuing to share his gift with his community. With his work ethic, the connections he’s made, skills he learned and the assistance of our Stay Connected program we are confident he’ll continue to find success.

“During the end of my time program it was a blessing. I met Jeff (my mentor) so I already had a connection, in fact before I even finish the program or that level of the program I had already had an internship at another studio so I was working at another studio while I was taking my classes so when that was done I nearly went on to SMG the Sound Sphere Music Group, I just got connected to the scene and learned a lot. It was a pretty chill environment so I had the freedom to kind of learn from the program. I went onto an internship that I’m doing right now currently. I do a lot of mixing for local artists and my own projects I’m actually be searching for studio jobs and whatnot I do work have a normal 9-to-5 but I’m also at my church, a soundman and live sound is a lot different from studio sound so I’m learning weekly during live sound.”

Juma Spears, Fort Worth, TX

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